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Fix the system Lag. The original redacted was smooth and relatively lag-free. Now I lose portals while actively recharging (when it is under attack). Often I would start defending the portal, after about five-ten seconds the game no longer registers that someone is attacking the portal. After the game catches up half or all of my resonators are gone. Also, the rarer shields should protect the portals much more than they currently do.

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    Seems a few things are missing from your bug report. What's your OS, Phone model and Ingress version? ;) Also, some Reproduction steps would be helpful, as I can't reproduce the problem ;)

    EDIT: And to actually give advice instead of just snark: This is probably not a bug, but intended. Just like Redacted, Prime isn't updated in real time, but pings the server every 10 seconds or so to see if the playing field changed. You can force a reload the same way as in Redacted btw: Quickly open and close a portal, which will refresh the board.

    The thing about rare Shields is also not a bug, but rather a feature request.

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    I'm going to point out here...

    The original redacted was smooth and relatively lag-free.

    This is nonsense and rose-colored glasses.

    The classic client had plenty of lag, hanging deploys, portals that can't be defended etc.

    But onto the main point:

    I've been doing some testing against rabid defenders lately (finally found some locally), and the biggest issue with attacking is that with more than a few rechargers, it's almost impossible to destroy portals. 20 minutes and 300 X8s to destroy a single P8 whose shields popped in the first minute, is absurd. It's still possible to destroy it, but the cost in gear is so ridiculous that we'd need a 10,000 inventory slot increase to offset the change.

    And why is this?

    Because bursters are round-trip locked. You can't fire your next, until the server has confirmed that your last has been received. So with 2-3 rechargers, you can't fire 3 X8s before they've fully recharged the portal.

    X8 damage = 2700XM

    Unmitigated R8 health = 6000XM

    Therefore, it is mathematically impossible to destroy an R8 without firing 3 bursters. Attach a few links to it, and it becomes upwards of 5-6 bursters minimum to destroy a resonator. No active recharging group is going to fail to save that portal at that point with boost recharge. I can still destroy defended portals, but it usually requires guile and misdirection instead of firepower.

    The game used to be balanced towards attackers over rechargers, and onsite defenders over attackers as it should be.

    Couch Recharger < Onsite Attacker < Onsite Defender.

    Now the attacker is down at the bottom of the list, adding couch recharge to the list of "preferred actions" along with drones, pushing "actually getting out and playing the game" down the list.

    So no, recharging isn't underpowered.

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    @NianticCasey Honestly, in a game with bursters, blocking words like **** etc in the forums... is absurd. Can we please stop that.

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