Ingress Missions S***

Well, I suppose there will be some posts like this in the community, but I am going to give my opinion regarding Ingress Missions.

What happens with missions seems to me of abandonment, laziness and lack of professionalism. We are talking about one of the perhaps juiciest parts of the game and at a time when unfortunately our geographical mobility has been totally limited. Although at least they are able to understand this and have raised the limit of approved missions per account. However, the mission system and its approval is still the same s***.

I can understand that many times we send images that contain copyrights or we may not have met the missions criteria... but that does not excuse Niantic of how they are behaving with lovers of missions (like me). I'll try to explain:

"Abandonment". Because although they continue to invest time and efforts improving the game (which I greatly appreciate) everything that surrounds the world of missions has hardly undergone any change... we have been almost two years since the launching Ingress Prime with an outdated platform.

The same happens with the mission approval system, there has been no improvement in the quality of evaluation... we continue with the same problems as always.

"Laziness". Because rejections are still random, it doesn't make sense for a mission of six to be rejected with excuses like: MAYBE that the image is from Ingress, MAYBE that the image is a logo... really? the other five are the same image and are approved, and NO, it is not an ingress logo... it seems like a joke in bad taste.

At the very least, they should indicate the REAL problem of that mission, because in that case I will know what to change and if they don't waste my time, they won't have the same request over and over with "test" changes.

Also, if they give you multiple "could this be" excuses, it means that not even they really know why they have been rejected. Tell me it's copyrighted, reject the other five missions... but don't waste my time.

"Lack of professionality". Because there comes a time when all of this turns into frustration and that is exasperating... for a player to experience this type of sensation is an absolute failure on the part of the creators, and I think Niantic should think about it.

(Sorry, i've used google translate)


  • I absolutely agree

  • marian522marian522 ✭✭✭

    @NianticBrian Please pay attention to this. Thnks!

  • Agreed. I had a banner fully rejected using an image I personally took with my camera, that had a clear theme of following a story walk, and used those portals to be the basis of the mission. Total rejection.

    Just had another attempt for something less stringent on the theme to try it, same thing, total rejection, same reasons. "Lack of a clear theme, etc" why bother anymore?

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