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When I embed a photo in a comment, I can't delete that photo. When I embed 4 or 5 photos, I can't embed any more photos.

I would like you to add the ability to delete embedded photos before posting a comment.

In addition, if I can't embed additional photos, can I hide the embed icon or change the color of the embed icon?

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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    If I tap on a picture, it shows me this little menu, in which I can them delete the picture. Also, I can post more then 5 pictures as well. It might be a bug that only affects Safari.

    Below are 9 pictures, together with the screenshot above, I have 10 in this post.

  • Oh!  Thank you!  I checked to see if the delete icon you pointed out appears in the pattern below.  If a line break is inserted before the embedded photo as shown in the photo below, the delete icon will not appear.  I can't delete the image below. Only Chrome on my MacBook Pro I was able to see the delete icon and delete image.

    If I embed the wrong image, I have to bring my Macbook, launch Chrome and log in to this community and delete the embedded image. It's very inconvenient.

    iPhone SE(iOS 14.4)/ Safari → NG

    iPhone SE (iOS 14.4)/ Chrome → NG

    iPad Pro(iPad OS 14.4)/ Safari → NG

    iPad Pro(iPad OS 14.4)/ Chrome → NG

    Macbook Pro/Safari → NG

    Macbook Pro/Chrome → OK

    I added 9 images with a file size of 1.9M again. It is okay. Maybe my internet environment was bad. Sorry.










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