Battle beacon flip leveling a portal?

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So me and a couple of friends asked the question between us, "Can you flip level a portal with a Battle Beacon to level 8 alone?" After a little experimenting, I can answer that one now as Yes and No. You can, but it takes a lot of beacons (which is expensive at 5000 cmu each) and it's probably more trouble than getting 8 agents together.

First thing you do is flip your portal with a(n) ADA Refactor/Jarvis Virus then activate the battle beacon on it.

When the beacon flips the portal it remembers the resos on it before the flip. So if you upgrade the portal when it comes back to your faction color, it will remember those after the next flips. So you can't re-upgrade it after that initial battle beacon flip.

Also, the portal is still inoculated against ADA/Jarvis after the beacon expires, so you need to still wait an hour after to flip it back.


  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    This is my usage of battle beacons:

    • To show off
    • Collect them from C.O.R.E. and level up my couch portal(in process)
    • Deploy them to destroy a portal that has been ADAed within an hour (and you don't have much time)

    All 3 are costly, using ADA/Jarvis far suits most needs. We had some funny discussion that, if you want to destroy a portal that has been flipped(with VR mods) deploy a battle beacon. To counter that, deploy any other beacon to prevent the battle beacon deployment(you can't place battle beacons over other beacons). You'll rarely or even never encounter this situations, but if the battle beacon goes cheaper we might see this strategy really working.

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    That last bit of information with beacons would be quite an advantage for any group type of play.

  • The other day, we had 6 people together and we made some p8s using battle beacons. Pretty easy really. Much faster than with just flip cards.

  • Thanks for fixing this ;)

  • During an event with double 8 deploying, 2 agents can do it with a virus and single battle beacon. It could also be done by 4 regularly.

  • Well they fixed this exploit so not any more.

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