Niantic wayfarer test chance 3 please Chance 3r

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    The test isn't really that hard, and after failing it the first time, you should really study up on the rules and guidelines for Wayfarer. If you still fail it on a second time, you might just not be fit to review Wayspots. Having players be able to attempt it a third time just isn't a good idea.

  • I'm still a big fan of the 'active training' approach, where people can rate real portals, but it doesn't count towards the actual score for the portal, until they align with the general reviewer population, and they get told where their scoring differs.

    Unfortunately, the time for that has passed, since the general reviewer population is filled with people who would have failed this training constantly if required to complete it when OPR reviewers were the norm.

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    @Rather1716 very sorry to hear about this.

    Unfortunately, since Wayfarer enabled pokemon go players to review, there has been a sustained exploitation of it to reject good nominations and accept bad nominations, if the wayspot works to be better for the pokemon players.

    Completely ignoring the fact that wayspot data is used in 4 games, Ingress, Pokémon Go, Wizards Unite and Catan. This is partly due to Niantic's policy of adjacency rules for wayspot.

    If you feel that the local area is being actively exploited by pokemon go players for Wayfarer, and that you had followed the guidelines. Then you can report it via

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    I easily passed the training and was enjoying reviewing pre-PoGO. After PoGO reviewers were allowed access I kept "correctly" rejecting local trash nominations according to the guidelines and my rating dropped to the point I had to retake the test (this happened Q3 2020). I easily passed the test again, but was told this was a 1 time option to "reset my rating" and if it happens again, I won't be allowed to review nominations anymore. Has this happened to anyone else? Am I SOL if my rating drops again?

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