Captured Ring (at least) vanishes after 3rd Reso Deploy

ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭

Not a huge issue as it it fixed by just resetting the view (deselecting or changing ring option and then selecting Captured again).

Happening on iPhone XR, iOS 14.4, latest Ingress build 2.65.1

First, neutral portal I’ve captured in the past has the Captured ring around it.

First and second Reso deploy go forward as normal.

But on the third (sometimes 4th) deploy the ring vanishes until I reset the Captured ring

I have rebooted scanner, same result. Have not gotten to test this on a portal already semi-deployed.

Again not a super big issue as it’s readily fixed by resetting the view but figured I’d bring it to Niantic’s attention.

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