mission wayfarer (OPR)

Instead of Niantic reviewing missions, create a website for users to do a first pass.

We can quickly weed out the copyright infringements and approve art from sources like #Mission Project.

We can provide insightful feedback on why the mission is being rejected.

For example, art that contains 'letters' is rejected by Niantic, but the emails don't say that. We could tell the user in clear terms, that its not the title, description or way points - its the art contains a letter. Please change the art.

Perhaps have a mission reviewer badge and stat on 'agreements'. And a number of missions approved stat.

The benefits of a mission review website would be

  1. improved review time. There is a backlog of mission reviews. This would reduce the number that make it to niantic. Instead of going back and forth with reject and resubmit to Niantic, only the highest quality candidates would make it to the final step, reducing work load in Niantic.
  2. safe time for mission authors. Clear feedback from our peers would save the guess work of making changes and resubmitting.
  3. reduce costs - instead of manual labor of reviewers, assign an engineer to create the tool, replacing unskilled labor with a high quality job. create an infrastructure that leads the way for future niantic products and features. There are more of us (the community) than you (Niantic employees). Leverage our enthusiasm to make the game better and scale to the future.
  4. control - if the system is overwelmed, create a queue, limiting how many missions are in voting.

ideally when an author submits multiple missions as part of a banner, allow them to be reviewed as a whole. Approve of reject them all at once with a single feedback.



  • PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭

    If they did this, they'd 100% need to have both local and remote reviewers. Otherwise there'd be people rejecting missions for "I don't want to encourage people to come to my farm" and "That mission is in enemy territory - reject".

    In terms of Banners, the whole client needs to have a Missions overhaul where it tells you the next mission as well as being able to submit missions as a banner.

  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, yes, a peer review stage for missions would be incredibly helpful.

    Suggest limiting reviewers to people with Onyx SpecOps badge and some minimum number of upvotes from those who have completed missions they have created; if there is abuse, limit it to CORE subscribers, prioritize reviews for CORE, or both.

  • ToxoplasmollyToxoplasmolly ✭✭✭✭✭

    Ideally, when an author submits multiple missions as part of a banner, allow them to be reviewed as a whole. Approve or reject them all at once with a single feedback.

    This, so much, please.

    Currently, as an Agent doing the missions, I have to meticulously check the entire banner to make sure all the pieces are live, amenable to how I want to move about, etc. Anything that helps give me confidence that I'm not going to get "stuck" partway through a banner would be most welcome.

  • MonkeyPeltMonkeyPelt ✭✭✭✭

    I think there is a lot of promise to this idea! Even something as simple as reviewing the picture/mural, that way submitters would be able to narrow down the reason for rejection.

  • Re people rejecting banners due to faction.

    This is true. I have actually had my team request I remove banners from 'farms'. Unfortunately, both work best where there are many portals. I'm sure if Mission Wayfarer happens, this will occur sometimes.

    But we have this already for portals. People likely reject portals that are clearly couch portals, or in an area they dont want more portals due to faction. I'm sure it is a problem, but not a big one.

    For missions it would be less so, because frankly, not that many people do missions. The people that care enough to review missions would be few and far between. Because its far, you wont care as much. And the mission community is very cross faction friendly compared to ingress as a whole. I'm happy to help the other faction with missions. Its not a competitive feature. The community as a whole acts in good faith.

    The are occasionally faction unfriendly missions. Its rare but happens. An example would be passphrases where you would need to ask the author for the password, and they would only give it out to their teammates. A mission wayfarer would help avoid future missions of this nature.

    Re overhaul

    I'm not suggesting in this feature request, any changes to ingress, or the mission authoring tool. This would be a new tool for reviewing missions. I suggest you file feature requests for those.

  • MonkeyPeltMonkeyPelt ✭✭✭✭

    I could also see more agents using a mission reviewer since it wouldn't be filled with as much trash since it would be Ingress related.

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would love to see a rework of the missions system so that banners could be treated as single entities rather than a large pile of individual missions. My reason for this is the opposite of most people's, though. I don't have the patience for banner missions, but I enjoy doing single locally-relevant missions as travel markers. (Remember travel? Sigh.) I often have to wade through pages of banner segments in order to find one or two single missions that celebrate the local area in some way. If the banners were all rolled up into one entry on the missions list (that could be expanded, of course) that would be a win-win situation.

  • Great idea.

    In addition, I hope there will be an extra text space only seen by the accessor (s) for mission creators to describe why their submission should be passed, just like "statement" in portal submitting program.

  • ya that would be good. I write descriptions meant for Niantic, not end users. They go roughly like this

    I took this photo used for this mission, here where this waypoint is. You can see this 'thing' as you do this mission here in 'city'.

    The purpose is to clarify to the Niantic reviewer, that this is my art, taken at these way points. After its live I might rewrite the description to be useful to end users or something on ingressmosaic, such as the park closes as sunset. They still reject 4 out of 5 banners, and its really unclear why, typically citing copyright, and its really unclear how they found something to reject it? Sometimes its something in my photo that appears to be a letter, which is an unwritten rule. So I resort to trying things like submitting a black tile instead to see if it was the art. It would be nice to suggest Niantic improve, but its gotten worse over time, as they add additional criteria for rejecting, it just gets added to the list or possible reasons, or is an unwritten rule. I'll open a new discussion for my suggestion on how Niantic could improve the mission feedback, because the current authoring tool is not what I'm suggesting a change to in this feature request.

    I'd like to see an entirely new tool, called Mission Wayfarer.

    ps I wish there were a place to discuss missions.

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