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  • Second Sunday is a great idea to build our community but it puts pressure on those of us who create them. We need to have, say, 180 missions a year. Each new year will motivate us to add more banners and build up the game.

    Saying the authoring tool can't handle the load is a cop out. Give us API access and we'll create the long overdue editor.

  • phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭✭

    Not necessary. Just change the limit. Should take 5 minutes.

  • Because people still do them. I have 2 in Sydney, Australia from 2018 that I created after I'd done a few work trips there and wanted some more. Every so often I get a thank you message via comms. Why delete old missions when people still do them?

  • phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭✭

    The bannergress TG channel has a steady flow of requests to take missions offline. Almost all of them look like beautiful missions I would have liked to have done.

    #1 reason missions are taken off line is the author wanted to make a new mission and didnt have space.

    Please bump the limit, Niantic

  • I've been away from the game for a bit, came here hoping the limit has been raised. I've got some new banners I want to publish, but unfortunately I'm full up. I've done all my local banners and I want to get some more published. Its a shame I'll have to take down some to make room for new ones.

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