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The epidemic is slowly receding, which means that future events can begin to be planned. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that anyone reading this in English will be able to come and take part, but I'm interested in your opinions on the rules and the idea of an offline event after Covid.

If anything, we will not yet have abolition of the mask regime in public places and transport in our city at the time of the event (April 3), but it has never been in effect on the streets. Also, almost all other restrictions will have been lifted by the time of the event. Next, translating the rules.


When you were a child, did you ever dream of finding a real treasure? Re-watched Indiana Jones, The Mummy or Treasure of the Nation several times? So why not try your hand at being a true treasure hunter? Join the team of intrepid adventurers! The expedition kicks off on April 3!


Like all adventurers, your goal is to get the most gold:

  • Discover and conquer new territories!
  • Discover real treasures and ancient artifacts on the map that you can sell or use!

The game area is divided into identical cells. Every 15 minutes the state of the portals is measured. If a team in one of the cells captures half or more of the portals, they get 1 gold coin, and if all of them, 2 at once.

You can also find real treasure! The chests hide not only gold, but also mysterious artifacts. The expedition lasts 3 hours.

A plug-in for IITC-CE, an info channel and a Telegram bot are all available.

Anomaly Zone and its exploration

Our expedition will take place on Petrogradsky Island, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The exact map will be revealed a couple of days before the start.

The anomaly zone is divided into 49 cells. Teams start the trek from the common camp in cell G1.

This is an example of an anomaly map. There are chests hidden on the purple cells, and tasks for the yellow ones are there from the start.

To start collecting gold from a cell, you need to do some kind of exploration in it - complete some kind of task:

  • Take a picture of A at portal B and send it to the bot.
  • Write in the bot the number of towers at the castle near portal C
  • Scan the QR code and follow the link, etc.

The team that opens the cell will immediately receive the list of tasks for all adjacent cells horizontally and vertically. The second team will see these tasks with the bot after 3 minutes. The first to open a cell receives 3 coins.

The job list for the first yellow cells will be posted in the channel 10 minutes before the anomaly starts.

Treasure hunt

There are 5 artifact chests hidden in the anomaly zone.

The team that opens the cell will receive a number - the distance in cells, showing how close you are to the chest horizontally and vertically. The other team will see this distance immediately after the current checkpoint. If there is a chest in a cell, you will know this as soon as it is activated.

For example, if there is a chest in 4 cells, the bot will show the distance as 4 when it opens the cell.

To open the chest, you must deal with the lock, i.e. complete a special task. The opposing team will know that you have found the chest immediately after the current checkpoint, but where the chest is and whether you have opened it will not be known by the opposing team, so they can run in, fulfil the conditions and open it first.

The opposing team will need to capture one portal in that cell to know if the chest is open or not. In return, the bot gives you the status of the chest: open or closed.

Time and score

The expedition lasts for 3 hours. Once completed, teams will have 45 minutes to get to camp in their full strength.

Checkpionts take place every 15 minutes with a window of 2 minutes. I.e. counting can take place from 0:14 to 0:16 minutes. The times are prescribed in advance and will be published as proof after the anomaly is over.

Coins can be obtained as follows:

  • Capture half or more portals in a cell during the checkpiont - 1 coin
  • During the checkpiont, capture all portals in the cell - 2 coins
  • Explore a new cell - 3 coins
  • Open a chest
  • Use or sell an artifact
  • Complete a rewards task

Whoever collects the most gold wins!

Example of a scoreboard

How do you prepare for the event?

First time participating in an unofficial anomaly? This is the place for you!

First, see if you are busy on the day of the anomaly - April 3. If things can be moved or are not available, you can write about it:

You will then be added to your faction's chat room. There you will receive further instructions from the Team Leaders. Which ones are secret, but we can give some tips:

  • Dress for the weather. It's not the month of May, it can get chilly.
  • Take a power bank and a wire to it. And a spare one for your friend in pocket.
  • Update Ingress to the latest version and install Zello. There is a good chance that you will receive direct orders during the game by your team leader
  • A thermos tea/coffee and a tasty treat for the brain. Never a waste!

Bonus fund

Any cohesive team is good on its own, so the organizers have set up a prize pool and are willing to give up to 36 extra coins to the teams for the following activities:

  • Two shared team photos: before the start and after the finish - 10 coins

An example of a general photo from last unofficial anomaly "Fort"

  • Record a short (no more than 1-2 minutes) video about the "treasure" you found today. This could be anything of value to you as an adventurer, but certainly within the theme of the anomaly - 4 coins
  • Fun and atmospheric photos of your team and the "treasure" found during the anomaly - 1 coin each, up to 5 coins total. The top 3 from both teams will each receive 2 coins
  • Take photos and/or videos of your "digs". Or at least pretend to dig, study or do other archaeological adventure stuff - 2 and/or 4 points respectively
  • Building relationships with the natives is always a good idea! Ask a random passer-by to install a scanner, take a photo/record a video of him and write us his nickname - be sure to check and pay 5 coins for the evidence collected

Photos and videos need to be sent to the bot in the "Prize" section before the end of the gathering of participants together after the anomaly. You have 45 minutes to do this.

You can also post everything to Instagram with the hashtag #IngressTreasure, just notify the bot with a link to your profile!

If you are taking photos indoors or in transport, make sure you wear a mask!


Q: How many agents can there be in teams?

A: Any number. In this format, the number of players affects far less than on the normal Niantic anomalies

Q: In the cages with the artifacts or chests will there be people handing out artifacts?

A: Unfortunately, it was not possible to agree on this with the natives. So either the bot sends you a code to activate an artifact after activating a cell, or it writes that you found the chest, you open it and then get the code.

Q: What kind of artifacts will there be?

A: All kinds. For example, the golden statuette of unknown Emperor or a Cap-of-invisibility (an item from Russian folk tales). And they are all very mysterious, so the full list will know only those who have agreed to participate in the expedition!

Q: Can I go solo?

A: Yes, you can play around in the anomaly, capture poratls for your faction, but sometimes, on the contrary, some actions can interfere with your team, so at least notify someone involved.


These are the rules. If you are interested, go to the anomaly channel on Telegram or the FS Saint Petersburg, Russia channel. You can find the original rules in Russian here. Thanks for your attention, I look forward to your feedback!


  • Wow, this is so creative. I hope you all have a lot of fun and post lots of photos!

  • How many players do you expect to have? How many hours have you spent organizing this? I'm so impressed by the dedication it takes to organize things like this. Wish I could come play with you guys in April!

  • Last time, I made the teams completely equal and ended up with 42 agents taking part, although many more wanted to. Now, since there hasn't been a live event in a long time, I'm aiming for about 60 people, but I've already had people write to me from cities 1-2 thousand kilometres away to take part, so it should be pretty interesting.

    I'm not sure about the hours, but I had a plan for the rules by April 2020, but thank shapers, I didn't have time to announce the event. In January I finalized it, kicked a couple of programmers I know to write a bot, and also let 7-8 of my friends read the rules and tweak them. So, it takes a lot of time if, apart from writing code, you do it alone.

  • Reminds me of when @vicinext and other Russians started the original anomalies :-)

  • I remember these, but the downside was that they were too original and, as a consequence, the rules were too complicated. I read the rules by about five out of eight, their lore and more or less understood everything, but even I needed time for that. The average agent, on the other hand, would get bored at the beginning, and his chances of participating would drop dramatically.

    So I try to keep a balance between simplicity and complexity. It's also important to keep in mind that equal teams are utopia, so you need to make sure that the team with the smaller number of players can win wisely. That's where the points for small cells came from, rather than individual portals.

  • MonkeyPeltMonkeyPelt ✭✭✭✭

    WOW!!! This is such a cool idea and very well thought through. Please follow up with more pics and a sitrep if possible :)

  • The teams are slowly being recruited and we are starting to introduce the artefacts that will be in play this time!

    The artifact trap for inattentive teams is the Pitfall Trap!

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    Before Schrödinger guessed to use the box for his experiment with the cat, he tried putting The Hide-away Hat on it.

    The result would have been about the same, but the cat didn't think so and brought the miracle of light industry to a state of superposition.

    I wonder what use you could find for this tactical artefact?

    (For some reason, pictures are no longer attached to the comment. It will be added later, but for now you can watch it on the information channel)

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    A long time ago Hank Johnson's 42 shard from the Fate Of The 13 event was caught by us on the Spit of Vasilievsky Island. Agents of both factions fought day and night for the gates and after 11 days "Igor", as Enlightenment called it, was caught by agents of Resistance who named  it "Alyoshka".

    Almost four years passed and the shard managed to break out of the portal. Will the agents be able to bring him home again?

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    If you think our artefacts don't fit the theme of a treasure hunt in the lost jungle, here's a very ordinary gold statuette of some local ruler. It doesn't do anything, but it's expensive at 35 coins.

    Like any other artefact, it can be sold to the organizers. From the moment the anomaly starts until 45 minutes after the event ends, go to the organizers and show them the message saying you got the artifact.

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    Any anomaly is a factional confrontation. Some players gain points by capturing portals and building links, while others prevent their opponents from doing so. However, if before you could only mess up in the scanner, now you can do it with the game rules!

    There will be a total of two piggies hidden on the cells, which can be slipped into chests, leaving them closed and enemies unaware of their actions. Don't worry, the pigs have been through the XM treatment and will be able to sit in their chests until the end of the anomaly.

    *"Put **** on enemy" from Russian is "do the dirty on" or "play a dirty trick on somebody" etc.

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    Made special reminder bio-cards for the event

  • NikaKorNikaKor ✭✭✭

    Final report

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