How are things going? How are you/Niantic doing?

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Hi folks,

I hope all goes well! Its been a while. I used to be involved a lot with Essex (and with camp Navarro events as Iota) but took a break for the past few years. Hopefully everyone is doing well, staying safe, and escaping to have some fun. I want to say kudos to the team for adding some extremely useful features in game! Its been a long time coming and is the kind of innovation that rekindles interest. One small request there : It would be amazing if the intel map had a filter just showing what portals I had keys for around the world in addition to the list.

I had a random Ingress dream last night (which hasnt happened since the G+ investigation days) where I was walking by one of my old favorite portals, the ground started to shake, the portal started to crack and break apart, and out of it emerged a massive Tectchulu thirsty for XM- the kind of beast that consumed Moyer and Klue. (yes it was that pompfoon OLW's fault again) It moved from portal to portal like a shard, destroying low level portals/ small links in its path as it travelled The only way to stop it was to capture it under a control field, which froze it in place, and then blow it to bits with bursters. Blowing up psychotic, xm ravenous exogenous machines...That sounds like something fun to do out of the house.

I know similar ideas must have been mentioned before, but it had me wondering, is innovation happening once more at Niantic? What made me take a break, and honestly not care much anymore, was the definition of insanity. At one point I felt like each chapter of Ingress was a unique element, not just in gameplay but in outside the box challenges. For example, the whole Ancient Societies era, NL Prime was incredible and remains a gem for me. I guess you could say im hoping for another reason to play, other than nostalgia. Recent changes are a step in the right direction, but please Niantic dont be scared to try something new as well.

I hope everyone is doing well. Please stay safe out there and dont forget to sanitize your scanners.


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