Game drop frequently at the Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Recently I changed my phone from LG V35 to Galaxy Note20 Ultra, and a brand-new problem started when I attack portals with my busters.

I've never met the same problem when I play with V35 but it is keep showing game drop while attacking :

- Just drop when attacking many portals, estimates after 30-50 busters used, no errors no messages, 'Just game disappeared'

- I can easily restart it with my New Faster my phone, but it is still causing lose my chance to attack while I moving with tranportation.

- So, I played the game with my old phone with tethering data, and FORTUNATELY my enemy passed by me and he saw my old phone and BRAND NEW PHONE. Oh. great. he may think it was multi-account user!! (maybe forever. haha)

I strongly want to solve this problem as soon as possible, just hurry... I really want to play it with my new phone.


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