Who’s your #IngressValentine? 💙💚

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UPDATE: The passcodes have been sent to the eligible participants. Please check your Ingress login email for an email from [email protected] Don't forget to check your Portal Keys for a special surprise :-)

Love is in the air! And we are celebrating Valentine’s Day by showcasing the most loved Portals in each region. Sit back and let us take you on a virtual tour of the most amazing sights around the World. 

We’ll be posting them on our official social channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) throughout the day on Sunday. If you recognize one of the Portals, jump into the comments and mention your codename, the name of the Portal, and share a screenshot of the Portal Key. If you found the right Portal Key and are in the top 50 comments per region across all our social channels, you’ll get a special passcode from us. 

And there’s more! We would love to hear who your #IngressValentine is - It could be your favorite Agent, your local community, an Op, a field art, a sitrep, a Portal, your favorite city to explore or anything else that comes to your mind! Use this template (if you wish) and share a photo and a short blurb on what makes them special. Mention @Ingress and use the hashtag #IngressValentine. Selected posts will receive an exclusive passcode! 


How were these Portals selected? 

The #IngressValentine Portals are ones that have received the highest votes from fellow Agents in Wayfarer. 

If I can recognize more than one Portal, will I get more passcodes? 

You can post keys to as many Portals as you recognize from the collages. However, to make it fair for everyone, each unique participant will receive one passcode.  If you don't have a Portal Key, Intel Map links are fine too :-)

How will I receive the passcodes? 

The passcodes will be sent via email to your Ingress login email by Feb 28, 2021. Don’t forget to include your codename in your post. 

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