Just curious about this: any agent got Osiris Resistance Victory badge by faction change AFTER xma?

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I know someone who flipped to Resistance within 24 hours before Nia pushing the badge and she didn't get it. Just curious if any agent got the badge by change faction to blue after Chicago XMA?

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  • I know a few ENL who flipped after the anomaly and didn’t get it. I also know a guy who was RES, participated in Cassandra prime, flipped to ENL a few days after Abbadon and didn’t get it either. He messaged NIA and they told him too bad so sad.

  • I'm the RES-to-ENL flipper in question. NIA's "explanation" for their decision in our chat was essentially non-existent, and if applied consistently in my case and that of someone flipping in the other direction, would have awarded the medal to folks flipping blue after the anomaly:

    "The 'Osiris Sequence victory medal' eligibility will be measured one week after the conclusion of the Osiris Sequence and will consider agents’ current Faction alignment at that time (rather than their Faction alignment earlier in the sequence)."

    Calvinball - it isn't just for anomaly/event rules!

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    It makes perfect sense for someone who flipped sides from RES -> ENL to not receive the badge. Imagine a real life war: the war is over, medals are being handed out to the victors, but before they're going to be handed out you defect and join the opposing army. Do you think the generals are going to post you the medal?

    On the other hand, I'm one of those who's not happy with the idea of a medal that's only for one side (even though I got it). For the first time that I'm aware of, there's a medal that by definition is only possible for half of the players.

  • He participated in the series, was on the winning side up u til a week after the anomaly, met all requirements for the medal. I believe he should get it regardless of defecting. Otherwise you might as well **** the medal during any agent in the future who flip RES flipping to ENL.

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    A real life war would depend on the winners.

    A country would respect what a citizen has done for their country regardless if they switched after the effect. However, we get into politics and mentioning them as traitors seems to depend on the person.

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    I know of an enl player that flipped to res immediately after the anomaly and they got the Osiris badge. I was surprised to read that others didn't get it that had done the same.

  • Sounds like Niantic is punishing you for flipping yngemar. It's not the resistance leadership handing out the badge so the anology of a medal after a war isn't applicable. I don't know why they would punish you since they seem to encourage it with the recursion program.

  • It's a minor thing really - I mostly think it would be funny to run around with a RES Victory badge on an ENL account, and I do think I earned it. But yes, I do realize that this is like Benedict Arnold petitioning the Continental Congress for a medal for his actions at Fort Ticonderoga AFTER going over to the British. :-)

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    its cost the playerbase some players. people have quit over it, some of them pretty famous and at least one was literally part of the storyline.

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    I heard that you had to be RES within a week's time after the Chicago anomaly. Not a few days before the push. :)

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    Yes, somebody in the thread already quoted the FAQ, but here's the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wF2LJSex1ft-x-EBDciS_5l98xdfrT3Q1d8JIhBioRI/edit?ts=5cb6842e

    Your timing distinction doesn't seem useful. One week after Abaddon Prime was June 1, and the medal pushed on June 5. "One week after the anomaly" and "few days before the push" are pretty much the same in this case.

    Based on what most people are reporting, I'm guessing Niantic did the census earlier than planned, and/or just messed something up.

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    " I'm guessing Niantic did the census earlier than planned, and/or just messed something up."

    🤔 That's a brave suggestion ;)

    But on the serious hand, I'd say fairer would be to give the medal to agents that were on the winners side during the anomalies . Alternatively make it 51% rule as live sometimes makes it's own scenario.

    The way "the status a week after series" only makes sense if we plan to push some agents to the given side (I don't think that's the case here tbh).


    Future anomalies "victory medal" should go to agents that were on the right side minimum 51% of time.

  • Unfortunately, while I think lots of us are fundamentally not in favour of the concept of the victors medal, quitting over not getting a medal is quite an unfortunate turn of events, but we all play for various aspects including the love and camaraderie of our fellow agents and community.

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    Maybe they're working on their "Ragequit" medals?

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