Can not subscribe C.O.R.E Ingress

Dear Ingress,

continuing from my previous post on General Topic:

martinsysFeb 9, 2021

hallo, I am on iOS, when i ichecked the AppStore I can not upgrade anymore because it is the latest version. Here is the screenshot after the picture from you a window from apple appstore would come out that if I wanna buy I should click the button on the Right side of my iPhone, and after I clicked my Handphones button this message from Ingrss like in picture came out

My last purchase was long ago, I bought an apple voucher and bought the key lockers.

another Info, I am logged in Ingress with Google account but on my iPhone I still used Apple ID that have another email account outside gmail. And on that Apple ID to pay , our family already put in a PayPal account. But that PayPal account have yet another email account. So is it because the PayPal account uses other Email as my gmail/Ingress account? 

or should I buy an apple voucher again to make it happen? 

thank you very much for the helps.

best regards, martinsys“

Now i already put 10€ on our family AppleID account and i deleted other ways of pay so the payment would surely use that 10€.

But still if i tried to subscribed the answer is the same:

Could anyone help me with this?

thank you very much in advance, martinsys

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Agent confirmed that they had disallowed in-app purchases on iOS, and re-enabling in-app purchases resolved the issue they were seeing.


  • Hi all, I finally found the answer on Apple s help Website. So I have turn off in-App purchase because my little child like to click our iPads on this Corona Lockdown. I have forgot that I did that for the Corona Lockdown last year. Now I have finally subscribe to C.O.R.E. Ingress !! :)

  • Thank you for confirming, @martinsys and for sharing your steps you took to resolve this for any other Agents that might be seeing this on iOS in the future.

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