This is a very entertaining game. It is a challenge to raise your stats and try better ways to win AP. It is a game for people who are constant and relatively sociable, even those who are not so sociable are open to that possibility. I have met several people, from both factions and have found myself promoting the game and even getting "seriously" looks for playing xD. For those who have read, know that I can be direct, I don't believe in going around finding out much on the side, he who has a doubt "asks". I was told that I was a "stalker". However, I think it is a right that the doubt is clarified if it is well raised and without offending, there is always the possibility of "reserving an answer", even that last one is hard for me. However and despite the above, I think that messages in the wee hours of the morning that are not questions or fall into accusations through RRSS becomes even ridiculous.

I hope finally, let's not forget that this is a game. And that while real life connects vividly with this game in a concrete way, it also connects us with other players, and there, factions do not exist or should exist in an aggressive way.


I see you ,<3


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