XM Ambassadors: Call for Applications

The XM Ambassadors (XMAs) are Ingress Agents who are active participants in the Ingress Forum. They’re passionate about Ingress, excited to engage with other community members in the Ingress Forum, share gameplay tips, and share constructive, actionable feedback with the Ingress team. We are looking for 30 XMAs (15 per Faction), across all Levels, regions, and languages. If you are interested, read on for the eligibility criteria and send in your application

Selection Criteria: 

  • Agents of any Level can apply; however, to ensure equal distribution across Levels, there may be a limit to the number of Agents eligible from each group.
  • Agents must be active in the Ingress Forum and should adhere to the Ingress Community Guidelines and the Agent Protocol.  
  • Proficiency in non-English languages will be a huge plus. However, note that all interactions with the Ingress team will be in English. 

Program Specifications:

  • Installation of a Beta version of Ingress on Android or iOS on the Agent’s mobile device. 
  • Actively test Beta versions of the Scanner and share feedback in the private community.
  • Continued participation in the public Ingress Forum.
  • Share gameplay related feedback with the Ingress team. 
  • XMAs must follow the Ingress Community Guidelines and the Agent Protocol while interacting with other Agents in the community.

Rewards and Recognition:

  • Access to the XMAs private community.
  • Early access to Beta versions of the Scanner. 
  • Special badge in the Ingress Forum.
  • Top tips every month will be showcased in the Ingress Newsletter and Niantic social channels.


How does this program compare with the Vanguards and the Trusted Reporters Programs?

Participants in the Vanguards and Trusted Reporters programs are usually high level Agents with experience in strategic, competitive gameplay. The XMAs will be open to Agents of all Levels and gameplay preferences — not restricted to a specific Level or length of time as an Agent. 

Vanguards are a group of High-Level Agents and local leaders with experience in strategic, competitive gameplay who provide feedback on gameplay-related initiatives, Anomaly rules and NIA Ops policies. 

Trusted Reporters are nominated by other Agents for their keen understanding of the gameplay and local knowledge and trusted to escalate critical issues that impact gameplay. 

Will the XMAs be able to fast track spoofer requests? 

No, XMAs will not have special Fast Track status. Any Ingress Agent can use the current Fast Track process for reporting suspected spoofing incidents.


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