[Feature Request] Agent Profile on Intel Map

Similar to showing the Inventory, it would be really useful if we could have our Agent Profile visible from the Intel map.

While the current profile export shows our stats, it does not include things like Anomaly Medals, Character Medals, Global Challenge Medals etc. It also doesn't provide a list of all the missions we've done, and their badges.

Having the Agent Profile data on the Stock Intel would also be an easier way to generate the old "Long screen shot of my profile" image without having to deal with iOS vs Android issues. A simple link to an image generated on the fly could be done independent of platform.

Key points:

  • Shows medals besides direct stats.
  • Shows medals in same order as the scanner.
  • Shows missions, with mission order.
  • Can generate an image of the profile.

This could be a subscription feature, like the Inventory.



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