Updating C.O.R.E. pricing for greater consistency

We've identified an issue with our Google Play Store pricing templates for C.O.R.E. and are pushing an update to the Ingress Store effectively immediately. For most Agents, this should make C.O.R.E.'s $4.99 USD per month subscription more consistent with the price of the Ingress 7,000 CMU Bundle. However, in some countries, prices will increase between $0.30 to $1.00 USD per month with the next renewal.

For example, in Brazil, BRL 29.99 decreases to BRL 18.90. However, in the UK, BGP 4.49 increases to BGP 4.99.

This action will impact existing C.O.R.E. subscribers. Existing subscribers receiving a price increase will be notified by Google Play of the price change 7 days from today, and will have 30 days to approve the changes or their C.O.R.E. subscription auto-renewal will be cancelled. (Agents can choose to approve the changes, or resubscribe at a later date at the updated pricing.)

Existing subscribers receiving a price decrease will be notified and receive the lower price on their next auto-renewal date.

New subscribers who join C.O.R.E. as of this posting will receive the new price immediately.

We are also going to extend the bonus grant of 7,000 CMU in total for the first 60 days (up from the first 30 days) because of this issue. We will resume the monthly 2,500 CMU grant included with C.O.R.E. after 60 days.

Thank you,

— The Ingress Team

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