Wrong faction in ingress news e-mails.

Hello. Everyone can find their faction and level in e-mails from Niantic, but since a New Year my faction in e-mails was changed:

E-mail from Dec, 23:

E-mail from Jan, 15:

I have never changed my faction, so, I really don't understand why it happened

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  • I was listed as Faction: __ null __ in my last email.

  • They're not having a good month are they. Last time it was in Japanese for English speakers.

  • CtrlAltDuckCtrlAltDuck ✭✭✭

    It's such a minor bug, but this one has been going on a long time, every promotional email I've got from Mar 2, 2021 on has listed me as Faction: __ null __ as well

    A feedback survey email from Feb 20, 2021 was the last one to list me as Resistance.

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