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    If you joined at day 30, you would earn 7k.

    They extended that to 60 days, so if only join at day 60, you wi get the 7k too.

    If you joined before the day 30 and renew it, you get total of 14k.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, because that what I understood.

  • Ingress sent out a survey in June 2020 to gauge interest/willingness of agents to buy into a subscription model. Niantic employees and Vanguards were beta testing the subscription service, which was discussed here and in the IUENG Telegram chat, then they announced their intention to release it, and then delivered. Would that be considered an example of divulging plans?

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    Yes. But your question to me wasn’t about the subscription plan, your question was about what will be done with the money earned by the subscription.

    Do you think I’m wrong in questioning what the Ingress team moves forward with? My statement is based on the frustrations MANY of us are feeling surrounding the inability for the Ingress team to communicate with its community. The last week has been..better. But I’m not holding my breath and Im still seeing great questions completely skipped over. You’re not wrong in saying there was some information divulged in regards to the subscription plan and I’m sure you can go over the 8 year history of the game and find a couple more instances, but it’s not normal and I’m skeptical of what happens next because it’s been made clear they don’t like to share information.

    Again, just offering a counterpoint to why someone like me will not be moving forward with the subscription plan as it was released today and I’ve already cancelled it so it doesn’t automatically renew on me. I’m more interested in Niantic creating reasons for me to keep playing the game moving forward, paying them in HOPES that they’ll do something is silly. Because, like Ive said, they do not communicate well with their community.

  • It's not exactly a hot take to drum up the well established "Niantic doesn't communicate well" issue. But I think you are wrong on this particular topic. Brian Rose made it pretty clear from the start that his job was to make Ingress financially stable. Granted, his approach to doing so has disenfranchised many players at times. But that doesn't mean he didn't make his intentions pretty clear: find a viable way to monetize Ingress to keep this game going, and offer the events and features the community wants. It's not exactly a leap in logic to connect the subscription service as a means to the that end. And I'm sure there will be more to come.

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    I guess we’ll see what happens then. Y’all can pay to keep playing a game that has become downright stale at times, especially as agents play less and less and I see other games under the Niantic umbrella see updates, events and other ways to keep their players engaged.

    I know they can’t do one without the other, I understand that point. But, without communication, I’m not willing to bank and hope it happens eventually. I’ve offered up ways I would pay to support the future of the game, but a subscription isn’t it currently.

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    Personally, I dont think the loadout kit is as worth it, and that, with the inventory, were the 2 things i was interested in. The cmu is kinda pointless if the store doesn't have much worth spending it on. I know I'll probably be in the minority on here, but I dont think it will be worth the money (I know.itndoesmt sound a lot, but in the middle of a pandemic, with me working less, its still money not worth spending for the return)

  • @NianticBrian

    dear Brian, above was my answer yesterday, now ive already put 10€ on my family‘s AppleID account. But i still get the same error. Now ive deleted the Paypal account from appleID so that the payment would go straight to my 10€ and still i am getting the same error. Could anyone help me about this :(

    thank you very much in advance. So your questions frombefore ive answered on my previous answer, the apple window already appeared before the error came.

  • Is the VAT in price in some countries added twice?

    Because 4.99$ is the price with taxes, and then in Croatia (EU) price is 43 kn = 6.9$. Slovenia(EU) 5,5€ = 6.6$, Russia 439 rub =5.9 $, Georgia (the country) 4,1€ = 4,99$

    Someone mentioned price in Brazil, Australia... is it a google/apple issue?

  • The Euro prices don't add up. Even with VAT you shouldn't breach the psychological mark of 5EUR.

    5.49 is beyond my personal threshold and 33% over the US price is just bit too much

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    But is it the same price as the 7000CMU pack? That's the subscription price, if it is the same then is the correct price.

    The price is not supposed to be exact match as a simple Dollar conversion. There's is each country taxes and inflationary rates, and the difference between android and Apple stores, both take a piece of the price for themselves.

  • Quoting a white whale doesn't prove a point. NMS launched without multiplayer, and sold far more than the quality of game justified, because of hype. And it's built into a mindset of "Big upfront cost". Provide the same example using a downloadable mobile app. Why not? Because you can't. That's not how people think. NMS survives from new sales.

    Unfortunately you need a PlayStation plus subscription or an Xbox live subscription to get online content but that’s how things are on consoles these days.

    And Ingress is 100% an online multiplayer game. It doesn't have an offline mode. If Ingress were to charge $60 for a new player to start playing the game, they would flop massively, because that's not a model that works (or really ever worked) for mobile phone apps.

    And as mentioned above, if you want to look at the most successful online game in history, World of Warcraft has been charging $15 a month for the last fifteen years. So the model works.

  • Have you even played NMS now it’s actually a good game now. My issue with this is it could add the possibility that Niantic is going to add new features and lock them behind the subscription service and I wasn’t thinking of them charging 60 dollars. That’s just too high of a price for a mobile game. There’s talk that the US government is going to start cracking down on loot boxes and micro transactions and they might go after subscription services too. In my opinion this is the only way to move forward. This model worked in the old days and it still works today. A game doesn’t need to have a subscription service or be loaded with micro transactions to be profitable.

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    Ingress is not a game.

    It's a MMO game.

  • And NMS isn’t just surviving it’s thriving. C.O.R.E will only serve to divide the ingress player base even further. The complaining on social media has already started. This will end badly. I don’t want ingress to die but if people stop playing because of this it might die. The NMS community is a good example of a healthy community. People actually respect the opinions of one another for the most part. The galactic hub project and NMSFM were both projects started by the community. It’s one of the most wholesome gaming communities out there. This isn’t. People have been arguing ever since prime came out while there hasn’t been much complaining in the NMS community. There is no arguing on the various subreddits, people are exploring, building bases and hanging out . Sure there are some arguments but they’re very infrequent. Things have changed since 2016 and they’ve changed for the better. It’s time for Niantic to do something that will re unify the ingress player base for good. They need to do something that will create a healthy community where we can all share our love for ingress.

  • I was against this idea from the beginning and part of the reason that there’s backlash on Facebook is because the greediest of AAA devs have done stuff like this just to make more money. Another reason is that there are a lot of P2W mobile games that are designed to addict people and then put up paywalls through energy systems and cool downs. In most cases once you run out of energy you have to wait a day or pay real money to buy more. Now I am not saying that ingress will become pay to win however a lot of greedy AAA companies have done similar things to what I am describing and I am honestly worried that ingress might go down the same path and I don’t want that to happen. I hope the community members who suggested this have not given Niantic the means to become the next EA.

  • It does but Niantic needs to be careful with this. If they aren’t we might end up with a complete mess and nobody wants that. They need to know the risks of doing this as well as the benefits. They also should promise to use the money that they’re getting from this responsibly. They should also donate some of it to charity instead of hogging it all. It might make some people feel better about this if they know that Niantic might give some of the money they earn to good causes instead of just hogging it. Nobody likes companies that hog everything for themselves.

  • I suggested donating some of the money to charity and being transparent about what they plan to do with it due to the enormous amount of complaining on Facebook. If we knew what they intend to do with the money that they will be getting and if some of it was donated to charity then the complaining might stop. If people don’t know what Niantic intends to do with the money then they will complain about the subscription service.

  • Now that we're getting all this CMU... Maybe you could release some of those old character medals from the archives on a regular basis. 🤣 @NianticBrian Its been a while since one was featured in the store.

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    well. your calculations are nice, but you calculated VR loadout 2 times. for me there are only 2 things worth subscription: extended inventory space and access to inventory on intel. but paying for inventory space monthly is close to unaceptable for me.

    for me QoL feature I would pay for monthly fee would be inventory autocleaner. autoremoval of items over threshold defined for each item type would make gameplay much more fun (less time spent on inventory management). pay to win effect of this would be much lower then 500 additional space,

    getting 25k subscribers is not an easy task. I think it would be challenging even in days of former ingress glory, when playerbase was much bigger and we had many events and anomalies and missiondays been a thing.

    EDIT: on fevgames I see, that last 5 months of IFS had 14-20k registered participants (events before are 7k-12k globally). are there even 25k active players ?

  • I felt that I'm paying a monthly 500 inventory space rental, everything else that came with it is a bonus.

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