Drone view not rendering all available portals

When trying to move a drone, the scanner does not render (and thus offer) all portals within a range. I can fly from portal "A" to portal "B", but not back. And after zooming, i see much further portals than the original one.

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  • Adding the position of portal "A" - not rendered, "B" that was drone-accessed from "A" and several "accessible" portals much further from "B" than original "A" is.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not a bug.

    The droneview don't load portals, but s2cells. From A it can hit the cell of B, but not necessarily the B portal, but will load it. And from B it won't hit the cell that contain A. It's something about 500m range from the portal, loading every portal inside the cells it hit, including portals over 500m from the starting one.

    You can load far portals if you have a key, somewhat about 1,2km away. Must do a trick thou: open a capsule and search for the portal to load it to the RAM (don't need to store up the key on the capsule, just see it through it).

    You should really be careful when traveling to the farest available portal to jump, cause it might be one way trip. Check intel first.

  • So scenario:

    • I'm assuming the portal you're looking for is Panna Marie na sloupu
    • I'm also assuming you have, in your inventory, a key to INRI.

    You should not have been able to reach B from A without going through Kaple sv. Vojtěcha, but because you had a key to B, it was cached in your view data, and therefore was displayed.

    From B, you definitely shouldn't be able to reach A either.

    I'm guessing that you don't have a key to A, but have keys to all the portals further afield, and therefore they're showing up because the data for them is cached, while the portal at A is not.

    The bug isn't in your inability to see the portals at A.

    The bug is that you can see the portals further afield because you have keys and cached data.

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