What would you want to tell the new Ingress Community Manager?



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    You can let ITO-EN know I buy their tea multiple times a week!

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    Sorry but I was not a big fan of Andrew, on a personal level, great guy. Community Manager wise - so-so.

    Now this was probably NOT Andrew's fault, he was probably bound by Niantic to a high level.

    I know Andrew did not have direct access to NIAOps. The new manager should be very familiar with HOW they work, even if they have no access.

    I am also hesitant about the new CM actually playing the game. If they do, they should NOT engage with their local community.

    Why - because all communities are different, all have varying degrees of baggage, and I would prefer a new CM to engage with players globally and not be coloured by local happenings/opinions.

    It's fine to have a personality, but posting about in jokes to local areas/lasagna recipes etc was frustrating.

    We're starved for communications and having valuable space eaten up by repeated questions, (like almost EVERY AMA) regarding off topic "junk" just made a lot of us get fed up and wonder why the question I thought was important got bumped for something with zero to do with Ingress.

    No "SoonTM" replies, ever. Either tell us it can't be discussed, and a brief why, or give ball park dates. If something gets pushed back or abandoned, tell us.

    Cater to new players as much, if not more than us crusty oldies. Yes we have a lot of experience, the new players have a lot of perspective on what's good/bad and are the future of the game.

    A lot of old players crying about this and that... can be just a lot of old players crying. Engage with the Vanguards, engage on the forums. Make decisions, stick to them.

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    Evaluation/Feedback systems are more effective when it is done by neutral parties since it encourages a more honest and transparent evaluation from its members. It protects the members from backlash or retaliation from a community that encourages toxic behavior out there. Using the term “community” to a group of people who encourages toxic behavior insults the word itself. 

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    Would be nice if our new Community Manager did read through this topic as part of their onboarding ;)

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    Hey @NianticPooja , quick question on this role. Given all the everything going on in the world at the moment, is it possible the role could remain remote afterwards, or would the person need to attend the LA/SF office regularly when things get back on track? That is, could someone work remotely most of the time, and work at the LA/SF office for certain days of the week/a few days a month/whatever arrangement suits both parties?

  • I agree. Do you have any idea how many times I have asked and asked for someone to look into why my local area is under an Abuse Vector in Wayfarer and why am I being met with silence when other people ask the exact same question and get responses from Niantic people?

    Be honest with me. I don't care if the answer is "I'm sorry we goofed up and we don't know how to fix it." Sometimes people can take honesty if it means they no longer have to tear their hair out trying to find an answer.

    If you need more info I have several threads about limbo in the Wayfarer forums.

    All I want to see is honesty and someone who enjoys the game and appreciates all aspects of it (including Portal Discovery and the work of Seers).

  • A request for more interest in scammers, especially the lagging of GSM networks

  • Honestly I would just love to see Niantic hire or have Wayfarer Community Leaders or Trusted Reviewers. People who go out into the world to find hidden XM (Seers) but also know how to make great Wayspots and how to help others make great submissions too. In a UK XFAC community we will all try to help research a submission if you cannot find info and advise on writing descriptions and even give feedback on the sub as a whole.

    Understanding how the wayspots work across all niantic games is important and for me it's important that someone understands how long ago 623 days and counting is for a submission to still be in queue and how ridiculous it is that people who submit the pavement outside their house can actually get their subs to full review by doing nothing whereas I have to re-earn Onyx Recon just to get most of my queue to full review!

    It pains me that if I lived the other side of the Greenwich Meridian I wouldn't have had this problem. This invisible line runs right through the east side of the borough I live in. I live and sub on the limbo side.

  • I disagree with your point about Xfac events. The reason being, Xfac events really help build in game communities and can relive faction tensions irl.

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    Another couple...

    1. Talk to the Wayfarer people. There is (at times) an unpleasant 'them vs us' atmosphere over on the Wayfarer forum between Ingress players and Pokemon players. You probably can't defuse this, but you should at least be aware of it, take care not to exacerbate it, and maybe later you can advocate for the hiring of a Wayfarer community manager.
    2. Lasagne, Toast and Soon™ were all nice gimmicks, but don't feel you have to carry them on, or construct your own one.
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    How mutch inventory we get if we soon get 10$ to pay for? It is premium C.O.R.E with 1000 more inventory from free play?

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    Hi @NianticThia Some light reading for your first week.

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    I mean, this thread is a little lighter than the open letter thread going on...

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    Wonder why the title changed from community manager to community specialist. Cosmetic change, or is there anything substantively different about the role now?

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    You mean.... Like the release of NL-1331 badge packs direct via the store instead of swag packs which get sold out in 5 minutes to less than 50 people buying the max amount? Seriously, we're coming up on 3 months since we were told we'd get the digital option @NianticBrian

    Super bitter.

    Of course, I always have the option of paying scalpers 4-5 times the original price if I ever want them:


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    @NianticThia Welcome aboard. This group cares greatly about what is going on here and when we (collective) feel something has gone wrong, odd, or otherwise pear shaped we will let you know about it. Don't let some of the ideas that get thrown around throw you. We care a lot and need someone who's not afraid to say , " we love the enthusiasm, and suggestions, but there's a gap and here's why there's a gap." in ways that both make the neighborhood merely feel disappointed, instead of this is impossible, and that something has been seriously thought about.

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