Field Art: STONK Star 2020-12-27

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Operation: Field art - Christmas star

Initial idea: @HansomHands

Official start time: Saturday, December 27th 2020, 12:00 CET

Drawing, key and link plan: @HansomHands

Planners: @ImDoesHe, @MrMurkrow, @HansomHands, @TerribleTina, @jesper94

Field agents: @ImDoesHe, @MrMurkrow, @HansomHands, @TerribleTina, @jesper94, @Vargpojken, @Arramplator, @Kvartisju

Support: -

Plan: To create a green Christmas holiday star field art.


This was a quick operation, and the prep-time was quite short. Fortunately, the game field wasn’t filled with links and fields. The number of agents participating, forced us to prep one leg of the five legged star the day before operation.

Since there were not that many keys needed to create the star, the key farming went quite smooth, and could be done the same day for execution.

End of preparation, the east leg was created and the top portal was set up.

Game field was left with a number of interfering links, and the tear down of them was decided to be set as a “GO” mark.


Smurf had unexpectedly taken back the top portal during the night, but the local frog @Arramplator, could help out to restore it at noon

Agents @ImDoesHe, @MrMurkrow, @HansomHands, @TerribleTina and @jesper94 met up at the rendezvous point at noon and had a quick chat. The keys needed were distributed, we set up the communication channel used during the operation, and then went off to the starting positions.

The weather conditions were the worst imaginable possible, gale force winds and heavy rain. But, the mood was high and we were all laughing about it, smiling towards the operation execution!

At approx 12:45 (pm), interfering links were flipped down, and the linking of the top leg could take place by @jesper94. At the same time @Vargpojken joined @MrMurkrow and they went to Berga, Tjörn for the west part of the top leg and later for the west leg top. @ImDoesHe walks in the wood, linking the shade part of the south leg, before heading off to the south east leg.

@HansomHands is located in the center of the star, closing fields to finalize the legs and shading. Linking is synchronized with the agent at the end of each leg. Leg after leg is coming alive, and at this point the field art starts to reveal itself on intel. @ImDoesHe links the south east leg, @HansomHands closes fields. @TerribleTina throws the south leg links, meanwhile @MrMurkrow and @Vargpojken heads toward the west leg portal, and could a couple of minutes later create the last links to outbound the whole STONK-star.

In less than an hour, five agents created a nice, shaded star, anchoring two legs on the islands Orust and Tjörn, and the remaining three legs on the mainland, measuring some 32km across!



Local smurfs at top leg and star center.

Achievements/Medals:  -


Five legs, each leg 5 fields, total of 25 fields.

Measured 16-18 km from center to the outline of legs, and some 32km cross over.


From rendezvous point to end, 1h 36m.




Operation weather outlook:

Center portal suddenly missing when key farming..:

During operation, wet, wet, wet and wet:

Thau shall not pass:

South leg:

Animated GIF:

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