[Category Suggestions] Better Organization of categories

Every category can't possibly fit neatly under "Community and Discussion" or "Support and Feedback". I think there should be multiple categories with sub-categories to encourage discussion about those topics. It will also make it easier to find discussions on topics that interest a user. Niantic will be able to sticky posts in each section with rules of conduct/posting for said category.

For example:

  • Community and Discussion
    • General
    • Recruitment
    • Events
    • Sitreps
    • Inestigation
    • Off topic
  • Missions
    • General Mission Discussion
    • Mission submissions
    • Show us your missions
  • Swag
    • General Swag Chat
    • Swag Trading
    • Swag I made
  • OPR
    • Portal Submissions
    • Portal Pictures
    • Portal Locations
    • Portal Edits
  • Appeals
    • Portal Appeals
    • Mission Appeals
  • Support and Feedback
    • App Feedback
    • Event Support
    • Ingress Community Feedback


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  • CriminalBizzyCriminalBizzy ✭✭✭✭

    @RedSoloCup someone just pointed out your response to my question in the AMA. Here is my post I made with a suggestion on organizing categories. It doesn't include everything but the general idea is there.

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