Bring back the guardian and seer badge

Hi, I started playing after these badges was removed/unavailable and was wondering how the rest of the community felt about it...sorry if there’s already a post about it but I personally would love to see them come back


  • Both badges were removed for good reasons and should definitely not be brought back. At least not in their previous incarnations.

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    Seer should come back. It's perfectly clear by now that horrible submissions weren't because of Seer, but because of horrible people.

    Guardian should stay dead.

    However, capture date should be re-added to portals on Intel.

  • I only came back to Ingress about a month after, knowing I had heard the news about this and confirmed it with a local player.

    It was the driving force of toxicity of gameplay, but it was also very intense, that many players went out of their way to destroy certain guardian portals. Peak activity, in a way. The player base really tapered off once Guardian disappeared, but the people who used scrapers and bots to flip portals at like 88/147 days held were horrendous and are mostly gone now.

    Seer can come back now, but definitely needs to be scaled down from Onyx (which was 5,000... I dont even have a thousand portals approved yet and about 3 years of play). Now with OPR replaced with Wayfarer, it could be more viable as Niantic interns dont have to deal with body parts, but their moderation/abuse system is still very poor.

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    how about new badges? drones etc...

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