#IngressFS - Sydney, Australia - July 2019

Meeting Point Portal: Triangle Park Gazebo

Restocking Portal: High Street Social Mural

Date/Time: 06-Jul-2019 01:00 pm

Event Description

Come on down to Penrith for food, beer, chat and all the portals!!!

Where on Earth is this? High Street Social, High Street, Penrith.

When should I come? Registration is open from 1pm, game time from 2pm.

How long for? Begin at 2pm, regroup at 4pm, and restock from 4:30pm.

How do I get there? There's plenty of parking options nearby: all day council parking on Union Lane, all day parking at Penrith Station, as well as even more parking at Westfield. There is no planned trackwork until 11pm on the day, so make use of frequent Blue Mountains and T1 Western trains stopping at Penrith; or, take the bus, depending on where you're coming from!

Ugh, it's so far away... DOUBLE AP!!! It's worth it, trust me!

See you there! Your July First Saturday POCs are @aidenh37 (ENL) and @twoBoots (RES). 



  • I suggest you put the events' fevgames link here so people who read this can rsvp asap.

    Good luck!

  • I have to be around for a little while longer before I can post links.


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