Link screen: selected portal name is incorrect after going out and in range

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be in range of a portal, from which you can link to many portals around (some 5-10 portals should be sufficient).
  2. Open portal screen, press link button to open link screen.
  3. Select some portal in the middle of the list (to have portals to the right and to the left from the selected one). Do not touch anything in the app from now on. Notice portal name under the picture of selected portal is correct.
  4. Move out of current portal range, the selected portal name will change to red text "Origin Portal moved out of range".
  5. Move back into current portal range.
  6. Notice that the name of currently selected portal is now incorrect and belongs to some other portal in the list.

Below, after reproducting this issue up to step 6, you can see that the name under currently selected portal picture actually belongs to the portal to the right from the selected one.

2.63.2, Android 11

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