Why Niantic doesn't actually investigate the spoofers reports?

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The current situation is that when spoofers appear and are reported, we get the same copy-pasted replies from notorious Lambert. Unless someone starts a topic on this forum, then the suspicious account all of a sudden gets investigated and what a surprise, he really turns out to be a spoofer!!!

It happened multiple times, not so long ago we had FreakyJugde (spoiler: he was banned through this forum) and at the moment there are two: horrorVacui and VsevolodKol. They both have had been reported multiple times and we still get the same reply.

My main question is: do you really care to keep the game fair? Because if you don't care, just say it, so we know what we are dealing with. Here, I wrote a new reply for Lambert to use "yes we know there are spoofers and we don't give a toss!"


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    I support. In cell NR04-DELTA-05, the agents are not playing drones, not in "who will hack more portals", not in "recharging portals", here the agents play to the score. And this is precisely the basis of our favorite game.

    People go to the streets and make big triangles, in any weather, they try, they are not lazy, and they do it honestly.

    It is very sad and insulting that it is in this cell that spoofers like these two periodically appear, and the game rolls into a fight with the windmill. Becomes uninteresting.

    This is far from an isolated case. Such accounts, which do not shun geolocation substitution, appear here all the time. We are periodically either crossed with spoof accounts, or triangles with hard-to-reach vertices are created in this cell.

    It's a shame not only for us - not all of our opponents are like that, there are honest guys with whom it is interesting to play, but their efforts are devalued by the "work" of cheaters like horrorVacui and VsevolodKol.

  • It appears that someone's report on horrorVacui was successful as we have a reset logged for it.

    And I highly doubt that FreakyJudge was banned via this forum. That is very likely the same, someone reported it via support and it got actioned. And in the meantime someone else posted on the forums, then saw it was banned and assume it was the post that did it.

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    4.10.2020 We began to report FreakyJudge via scaneer and support. We reported him really many times next month. I believe, there were several hundreds reports in next month.

    5.11.2020 1:17 AM I created theme on a forum.

    5.11.2020 11:46 AM He was banned.

    Of course, he was banned by report, not by forum post.

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    I believe that it was pure coincidence, this forum doesn't have much power to ban a player.

    I do support the Lambert part, support has sunk quite a lot.

  • And here we go again, same scheme - other spoofer keaRet

  • @UltraViolator Can you ping me on TG please? Same username as IGN

  • @Azhreia may you continue public discussion, because resistance side worries about this situation too?

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    The resistance side can show the vert operator their disapproval of his actions, as CatVMeshke and Tony2001 showed yesterday

  • Проблема таки в том, что мы не знаем кто это🤷🏻‍♂️

  • a1mirra1mirr ✭✭✭✭

    You don't need to know who is it to destroy his links :)

  • Soooooo

    I need to spend approx 3 hours to destroy links that easily can be created by that cheater again?

    thanks for the offer, but I'll prefer to refuse it

  • I used to play for hours and hours every single day almost for 416 days straight. Starting June 2019 through maybe Sept. 2020. What a waste of time it was. I loved the game but the Res were cheating and doing it as if they owned the game. In my area the Res players have had control for years and they weren’t happy about me playing (I’m Enl.). They blamed me for all of the former Enl players heading back onto the field. And we (Enl) actually did start to take some control 😁. But then the constant spoofing just got to be too much. And the nerve, they didn’t even create a fake account to spoof. They just spoofed like it was their right. No matter how far I drove or how out of the way the portal was they would just spoof it and not deploy resonators after they took my portals down. Must be a reason. Maybe they risk definite detection. If they deploy while after destroying portals while spoofing. So it was obvious. I know sure as **** these guys from my area didn’t hop on a bike and ride a trail 3 miles to get to a portal. I did, and I would later see that the same few Res agents destroyed the portal. It was so discouraging and really ruined my love of the game. And I really really loved the game, I was addicted. Then the final straw, you know, the one that broke the camels back! I reported the spoofing agents many times. Nothing was done by Niantic. Sadly! But then one day I get a email letter do. Niantic accusing me of cheating (spoofing) and that my account was banned. I contacted Niantic and showed them previous reports and proof of where I had traveled and that I was really there at those far away portals and in fact hadn’t ever spoofed. I got my account immediately deactivated. However, that left such a bad taste in my mouth a couple of weeks later I no longer had the desire to play Ingress any longer. I was playing my heart out I put thousands of miles on my car in that year from playing the game and traveling to far away places and I reported the cheaters/spoofers and nothing was done. Yet, they pull a fast one and decide to report me (which was total BS) and Niantic deactivated my account t? Lol. Well it rubs me the wrong way, since I hadn’t cheated, how was my account deactivated? There’s no way they could have really investigated me for the false claims, or they would have not found any evidence of any cheating on my part, because it didn’t exist!!! So basically it was a smack in the face to me. They took the cheaters words over mine. My honest report warranted no action yet a false accusation out of pure spite and sore losing got fast action. Bad business!!! The cheaters are allowed to run amok and I find it odd. Why would a company let a bunch of dead beats ruin their product and ruin the game for an honest and good paying customer? Yes, I was paying. I often was in that little shop on a shopping spree. But that almost per me at ban on my account prices to me that the game would never be fair and nobody cared, not even the company that owned it. So poof, just like that I completely stopped playing. My love for the game was killed. There was no competition and I was so disappointed that at one point in time I actually believed they were truly and honestly traveling as far as I and really playing the game and I had some real competition. Nope, as time went on and I was more familiar with the game, I realized that certain agents were never really truly playing the game honestly and I had no real competition. That I had really kicked their asses and there was no need to continue. Now, I okay here and there. Maybe a few minutes a day. No more hours and hours a day. Hopefully, one day Niantic will take the cheating seriously and truly do an investigation and not be so quick to take the word of agents that have been playing the game for a long period of time. Seems to me those are the biggest cheaters and sore losers!!

  • Stay tuned folks. One more event of sooofing and I am going to just throw those sooofjng cheating agents right here under the forum bus 😁. I see one went out of his way today to spoof one portal that I had. Lol. I barely play, a few minutes a day, not even everyday. I generally just throw a resonator in a portal as I pass it while out on the road, ONE resonator!!! And if I place all 8 resonators you can bet your a** they are going to spoof the portal. It’s a joke and a half. As long as they are allowed to continue to ruin the game, I will continue to keep my money in my wallet and spend my time doing things that make me happy and not frustrated.

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    Sure you may. But remember to list only the facts of spoofing in case Niantic defenders jumps in and says you are defaming other players which are actually spoofers or very likely not a real natural person. And remember to find a balance between raising the attention of Niantic and criticizing of the fact that your reports were alwasy not reviewed carefully by Niantic, otherwise your post would be closed like this:

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