Why Niantic doesn't actually investigate the spoofers reports?

The current situation is that when spoofers appear and are reported, we get the same copy-pasted replies from notorious Lambert. Unless someone starts a topic on this forum, then the suspicious account all of a sudden gets investigated and what a surprise, he really turns out to be a spoofer!!!

It happened multiple times, not so long ago we had FreakyJugde (spoiler: he was banned through this forum) and at the moment there are two: horrorVacui and VsevolodKol. They both have had been reported multiple times and we still get the same reply.

My main question is: do you really care to keep the game fair? Because if you don't care, just say it, so we know what we are dealing with. Here, I wrote a new reply for Lambert to use "yes we know there are spoofers and we don't give a toss!"


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