Foxhound Intel Ops

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I've done 3 of these events so far and have had a fairly positive experience. For those that have done one, what do you think went well and what could be improved on?


  • GoonieGuyGoonieGuy ✭✭✭

    I think more Ingress specific puzzles. Glyphs, lore and in scanner things whether it's media dropping with puzzles, hints and clues or even missions that require other puzzles to get the answers. I think the scanner needs to be a key piece of equipment in the OP, where the last one I was on I didn't need Ingress at all for the duration.

    Could also have more benefits directly related to the anomaly. Chance at getting media sets for instance or even new items that could only be gained during intelOps and only usable by the agent who gets it during the anomaly. A special virus that could be used anytime, even immediately after another virus for instance.

    In Atlanta we figured out the code for a puzzle pretty quickly, but because there was no direction on what we needed to do with the answer, we were trying to get into the hotel safe with it. So we wasted the rest of the event trying to do that, when the code was needed to open a box back at the end location. All that was missing was direction to bring any codes back instead of thinking the puzzle was contained in the room.

    A bit more interaction between ops and foxhound for situations like that would be great.

    I think each time the event has gotten better, but I think it's difficult for Foxhound to prep a game for a city that they are not familiar with, so Kudos to them on what they've done so far.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just more availability of this event.

  • jplolojplolo ✭✭✭

    I think having Foxhound in the team chat was extremely helpful. It was needed when we struggled too long with a clue. And it was really, really needed when clues weren't set up properly due to unforeseen circumstances such as "no hotel room safe".

    The actors were silly, sitting up and clearing their throat to give the right response to the wrong question, then leaving too early before the event had ended.

    It would be nice if they had collaborated earlier with Niantic registration on either timing, device, or line. Finally, last minute, Foxhound registration and Niantic check in could be done with the same device the Foxhound guy held.

    I enjoyed mixing city navigation with hotel shinanigans. Run from one place to the next, updating over zello, tearing a room apart for clues.

    I liked the mild effort to make the puzzles related to ingress. I would have been overwhelmed with all Ingress all the time if every puzzle was strictly tied to lore, glyphs, etc... But, it would be nice if what we accomplished had a real effect on the Anomaly the next day. For example, legit Advance Intel. Not just gear codes.

  • I did Intel Ops in Kaihsiung and Chicago. The on ein Chicago that was organized by Foxhound was a great experience for me. And I would like to have this Intel Ops happening more often.

    The Intel Ops in Kaohsiung, that was organized by a local company was really annoying. First of all, it was only available in traditional chinese. Then you had to do 5 Ingress Missions and find a person in each mission that has a task for you to solve in order to get the passphrase for the next mission. Sometimes the differnet groups where lining up at this meeting points or did the tasks parallel.

    The next thing was, that the missions where about at least 1 km each to walk and from the last mission portal to the next was up to 2 km of walking. This made it nearly impossible to finish on time.

    And the last dissapointment in Kaohsiung was, that NIA did not provide the Intel Ops patch to every participant, because they made not enough of them.

    I will try to only do Intel Ops that is organized by Foxhound or perhaps give a local european company a try, if NIA is providing Intel Ops in Europe.

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