Unexpected: most of the reported bugs are still in "New report" category; Known Issues doesn't exist

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I'd expect this new "Report a bug" section to be correctly categorized and have responses in most of the topics. Instead, there's a lot of "New report" category topics even on the latest page. If a bug is old and not bumped for long, it doesn't mean that people forgot about it. Could Niantic please give some proper attention to the section, categorize and respond to bug reports? Preferably starting from the last page unless there is something urgent.

Also, a pinned post by NianticCasey says

Browse the Known Issues section or check if a similar issue was previously reported

but there's nothing which would look like "Known Issues" as far as I can see.

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    It looks there is NOT an army of developers to work for ingress...

    Or any other employee...

    Only a few

    This is the impression niantic is showing to Ingress players.

    A lot of good and known niantic employees who were at ingress were moved to the other niantic games.

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    Waiting for my report's status to be changed since last year.

  • No hay portales en mi scanner desde que actualicé a la versión 2.63.2 y perderé la medalla saujorner además de mi perfil de agente que aparece en negro.

  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    About 40 days, my report's status was changed from new report to investigating.

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