Ingress is dying.



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    15 november Niantic add the adventure sync and new portal scanning if i understand right.

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    I dont understand way. For me Ingress are the best. Prime are ok and never stop play when we only have Prime now.

    I dont understand way people write lots of agents stop play when we now only have Prime.

    Hope most of the agents now pay for C.O.R.E and Niantic can continue with Ingress Prime and not shout down Ingress Prime in 2022.

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    Does it mean that Ingress Prime is in life support?

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    Great post. I think, again, this all points to a dev team that should be doing a way better job of communicating with its existing player base. And maybe they are with the XMAs, but time and time again, even this year, just can’t seem to hit the mark completely. Which is a tall order to fill in some ways, but also, not at all. Engaging with us to come up with new events, new game mechanics and helping shape the future of the game would be so healthy for everyone involved.

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    Yes a great post!

    I actually met the old Nia head of marketing he was flipping our farm L8 portals to farm when visiting Copenhagen in the 1331 car. He gave me 10x Ada so I could flip back :) nice guy lost his IGN with G+.

    Yes we get new players that dont understand and dont care that they are in a MMOPRTS and they just want Ingress to be like the previous games they are used to play: single player gaming, easy, fast levelling & events twice a month or else they get bored.

    While the classic Ingress player cooperates over long distances and borders with keys, links and fields and have no problem grin.ding for years to L16 or to 'All black' and some wants the classic scanner back.

    Its a balance act.

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    The games quite playable (OK annoying unaddressed lag at moment) -

    Bringing back live events would invigorate the games - but would that last? Part of the issue with anomalies was the scheduling, there were too many or not enough. Complaints re remote participation, or not. Complaints about play areas being fully inoculated etc. (Part of this falls to backpacking and multis). I know of entire city teams provisioned with anomaly gear from a handful of agents.

    I find it hard to pick any major things that prevent new players getting excited about it other than:

    1) When it was released- Ingress was pretty much unique, then we got Delta T - Dino hunting game, HPWU, PoGo etc. Being unique bought in a lot of players.

    2) Recruiting has ALWAYS been very difficult, and of those recruited, few become "hardcore".

    3) Of "hardcore" - you can further subset down to those who take part in large scale ops/drive 1000km etc for the game.

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    with the lag it could be hard with live events, like hexathlons? would be a nightmare even if fun.. not sure why they cant seem to fix it... now soon winter and cold in many parts of world that will also make less ppl play active....

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    Grogyan, thanks for the comprehensive reply about Ingress being on “life support” before the CORE subscriptions. I have to admit the Ingress plot/story is convoluted upon reading it from various resources. It just got to the point that I had a headache and just had to stick to the main premise concerning each faction. The onboard process was also lacking particularly confirming a new agent and meeting with a vetted agent of your faction. It leaves new agents wondering “Is this the standard protocol of joining a group?” “Who are those persons following me?” As far as I observed, there is also a difference in the treatment of agents, particularly if they are female. It seems that female agents are only allowed to play in certain areas, unlike male agents. Not unless they are watched or under the supervision of male agents. It sounds, like the Dark Ages for me which is why Ingress has no new players.

    Are there instances wherein one faction does not like an agent of the opposing faction to play in a certain area to the point that those new players will just quit? Could those situations lead to a decline in the number of new Ingress players?

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    In my city, we have a healthy share of active female players, some of whom are super competitive.

    My local group is around 50% female.

  • Up until the subscription method, there hasn't been a way to support the game short of buying frackers. After the price hike, this wasn't really friendly anymore. Without cashflow and a decent userbase to support the game you have to meet in the middle.

    Let's be honest here, it's more like Nintendo's IP is footing the bill here, so you get a planform that first and foremost will be suited to the needs of Pokemon Go. If these platform features can be worked into features for ingress, you might see them used.

    If the feature itself is only for Ingress, there isn't much financial incentive to do it, especially when you'll have half of the people complain about the new change.

    You mentioned a few things:

    And we got a collection of useless junk in the form of changing cursor arrows or broken game chat. Or the same combat beacons allow you to fight for one portal for no reason ... And many other things that destroy the integrity of the game concept.

    • Apex - (This is no different than a Lucky Egg or Star piece, platform freebe, I'll take it for double XP when I feel like it, rather than during specific event windows.)
    • Battle beacons - (This is gold to a booster. If you know how to field effectively, battle beacons let you throw anchors multiple times in a single sitting, combined with an Apex, will boost your XP very quickly) Might be some platform raid mechanics here?
    • Drones - Sounds kinda like a buddy. Interesting you don't have to feed it power cubes or return it safely to get the gear it's hacked. I'd actually hope V2 could take a Viri payload to be delivered.
    • Portal scanning - We know how much Niantic loves data, this is a given but thankfully isn't thrown in your face all the time like research on Pogo.
    • Kinetic capsules - I have softbanks again, this is a great change, and no different than Egg hatching mechanics.

    Most of these "useless" mechanics have been tweaks of plaform features that would be sitting unused. I can appreciate that they have take then time to include them.

    The game concept is get outside and give Niantic more data. Many seem to think it's lets cover the world, but that's part of the reason many don't play anymore. Some of them covered and recovered by the same old far off anchors.

    I think we need all the features and perks we can get to help make the game not die.

    I've personally spent the past couple month back in Pokemon go, friends, gifts, remote raids, pvp, team rocket, and research tasks are all features that keep people playing, miles ahead of the stagnant Ingress game. They keep your attention, and there is very little between portals to keep a person interested.

    Personally, I think people should try to be more open to changes and additions to the game. We should be able to link under fields, regardless of color, but not cross links.

    I think they could expand into a perk based character attribute based on story characters. Maybe you can deploy two 8's or get a buff depending on the role you've chosen.

    We could use a drone to send viri to distant portals with a chance of it working. This creates a whole new game of smash a drone, while at the same time, providing a means to change the map from afar, creating less of a spoofer incentive, and less of a comfort while holding hard anchors. Maybe this could work in Remote raid mechanics, where the anchor becomes the raid boss and a team needs to defeat it. We could send invites to friends to help take it down.

    The friend/gift system could be implemented, I find the gift system keeps me coming back.

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    Daily tasks/ send gifts to friends could be something to make new players stay so u have small goals u can do daily not get bored of game since there is no story liveplot with actors anymore and also option send gifts to your friends.

    Scanning is something most just dont bother with because its not fun do it and it doesnt add anything to the team like making MU from fields so niantic needs to think what else do so ppl not getting bored and quit.

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    Ingress was always a game you could take at your own pace. You're going to see people return a bit for the anniversary and then either pace out towards the end of the year. It's something that I've seen since the start.

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