Ingress is dying.



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    I agree with you. Ingress is dead for a long time now.

    This new subscriptions are proof of that, wich makes it a pay to win game (real sad). When it goes wrong, just add a subscription in any game and it will last a few more months 🤣

    When Pokemon dies, Niantic will shutdown for sure, wich is where the money's coming from.

    EDIT: Also everyone is subcribing now for the extra benefits. In 2-3 months they'll have half of the subscriptions..

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    not many rights in that post.. did u know pokemon makes 1 bilion each year or so ??.....

  • You clearly missread my point there. I know that Pokemon make alot of money (for now). But i also know that they're losing players everyday, simply because Niantic doesn't know how to stimulate their games. This's leading to a certain point wich their games remain the same and players get bored. When Pokemon doesn't make more money, the whole company will shutdown.

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    They can lose 90% of their players and still profit a lot, probably a lot more than Ingress in it's gold era.

  • 2020 was the highest revenue (and player activity) year for Pokemon Go since it began....

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    Today, in the midst of school and student holidays, summer time, look how many agents are in cities with a large population.

    Previously, the audience of the game was several dozen times larger. Developers, as you can see, the situation speaks for itself.

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    Despite the pandemic, a bunch of events are held in Pokemon Go, and there are more than enough Pokemon Go players under each portal with rare Pokemon. it's a fact.

    And more...

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    What did I miss? Is Ingress Prime on life support?

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    Pokémon Go is more PvE (player versus environment) than PVP (player versus player) - which is a fact

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    Additionally, you made a topic complaining about the Ingress events!

  • One thing that would help would be a genuine replacement for G+ - NOT a threaded newsgroup (all threaded newsgroups become negative - it's a theorem of some sort) , but a (1) graphics intensive environment with (2) short posts that encourages (3) casual sharing of regular gaming activities in a way that (4) allows players to keep Ingress separated from RL identities (looking at you, Facebook) and (5) doesn't bury Ingress activities in an infinite sea of background noise (looking at you, Twitter). With G+, some new player could post a pic celebrating making it to level 8 or some such, and everyone would cheer them on. Folks could post Ingress humor, creative projects (a certain Techtulhu comes to mind), swag, event promotions, you name it, and the environment made it at least reasonably likely that other agents might see and reinforce the material. I appreciate Niantic's creating this site, but it doesn't do that - it's basically Reddit, with fewer features and perhaps a less quarrelsome culture (though see Theorem 1 above). Unfortunately, I don't know of any other service that fits the bill, and making one from scratch would be prohibitive. However, it might be something to keep eyes open for. This is just one factor in a complex system, but a single worldwide meeting place where folks can post portal pics or what have you without it becoming A Big Deal, spawning an argument, etc. definitely wouldn't hurt - because you could then focus on getting new folks into that environment, and from there you could give them the encouragement that would help keep them engaged and ultimately get them to make contact with their local communities.

  •  a (1) graphics intensive environment with (2) short posts that encourages (3) casual sharing of regular gaming activities in a way that (4) allows players to keep Ingress separated from RL identities (looking at you, Facebook) and (5) doesn't bury Ingress activities in an infinite sea of background noise (looking at you, Twitter).

    G+ had the advantage of being an actual social media platform greater than just Ingress. The only thing we're really missing is the long form posting in private groups, but the existing platforms are scattered.

    G+'s real success for Ingress was that it was an acceptable centralized point for everyone.

  • The fact that it was a centralized go-to was certainly important, but so was the format. The G+ format made everything very shallow, but oddly that was helpful for things like morale-boosting posts ("I made it to level X!") and such. The graphical format made interacting with it very undemanding, which is good for keeping more casual users engaged. The forum is great for discussion (which G+ was not), but we don't have a good substitute for the "social" part. (Instagram, maybe? I've never used it, so can't say....)

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    Something that would kinda fit would be the Activity feed on the forum. You can post pictures there and it'll show them without needing to open a thread. Currently however, the feed is flooded by system messages, and almost no one knows about it. I've posted a test image just now.

  • I don't disagree. But a part of that is that we need to be able to securely host our own groups on there, not just a Niantic melting pot, too. Having every group off in their own Discord works for the group, but not for interaction between groups or people finding the group.

  • Thanks, @InvestigateXM, I was not aware of that feature! I just made a test post; does seem like it could be the start of something (the basic functionality is there). I think it would need (1) to be very easy for newcomers to find, (2) less full of system messages, and (3) to have a more visually friendly layout to be useful. (Though I am looking at this on a laptop, and maybe the design looks better on a mobile device.) If users were originally directed to a visually interesting feed like that, and it were made easy to post stuff to it, this could start to serve. We need somewhere to post Ingress art, and propaganda posters after all....

    @Perringaiden I agree, one would really like to be able to have (1) secure groups, (2) non-secure but local groups ("melting pots" but for subcommunities with common interests), and (3) the great big melting pot (so that folks have a common point of reference). But TBH, I would settle for (3). Perfect need not be the enemy of the good, provided that the good is good enough.

  • We already have (3). You're on it. If you have personal stories to make public, there's the Sitrep forum.

  • @Perringaiden Well, the problem with this being the "melting pot" is that, per the original point, this (the forum) doesn't have the right structure to work well for the suggested purpose. It's fine for what it is - I'm not knocking it. But it's analogous to reddit, not to G+. It is being suggested that the affordances of the latter offered something positive to the community that current resources do not replace. If we need long-running debates over minutia, fora are difficult to beat. If we want a "festive" and visually appealing spot for players old and new to congregate without having to have deep interactions, a forum is not fit for purpose. Again, that's not a criticism of the forum, but a clarification of the issue. Per @InvestigateXM 's suggestion, perhaps the Activity feed could be modified to at least partially serve this purpose. Or perhaps some other platform could be used in a manner that it's not used at present. At any rate, it seems more constructive to discuss what could be done to create new and appealing ways to engage folks (especially if there are aspects that can be handled by the community on their own) than to argue about whether Ingress is dying.

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    Fir me not Ingress Prime dead and now Niantic earn more money they Niantic spend on Ingress with all money from C.O.R.E

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    I want to mention an important thing, even the forum began to sink. More and less new topics, dialogues, fresh ideas ...

    It seems the project called Ingress Prime is nearing a logical end.

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    Will not help who or what ??? Niantic refuses our help, the client does not develop, no storyline and new content (except for the sale of medals for a small amount in local money). We cannot affect "the captain who leads the ship straight to Icebeg". We tried, but there is no effect.

  • COVID has put things on pause in too many places to allow deep into storyline swings that require agents to do big things.

  • What I'd like to see once things settle down enough is anomalies, or global agent things pick up again.

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    How many years before the beginning of the pandemic there was a prime? Remember that all this time was done, except for bugfixes, the drone model flying through a remote viewing and a kinetic capsule?

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