Ingress is dying.



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    "Your Agent avatar is meant to represent you and your current position."

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    I'd be interested to see what active drone gameplay (destroy/deploy) would look like with more active players in the field (or even drone v drone) that would be constantly sending drones back to their owners. Not saying it's a great idea or should be permanently implemented, just curious to see how balanced it would be. At the same time, I completely agree "it's time to move", "adventures on foot", etc.

  • The **** of Ingress can be tied to cheating aka spoofing and tresspassing by agents. I have intentionslly claimed portals in areas that vlose at specific times or for a season. N8atics response to tresspassing is pathetic.

    I can work with the various state agencies to denote an area that has seasonal closures or time limits within google maps so niantic cant ignore laws or working with various law enforcement.

    It is a simple matter of using the boundary data. And listing closure times.

    I watch agents tresspass on my scanner after closing times and due to the location the agent parks outside of a boundary but can easily be seen by law enforcement that is clearing out the area. 2 years ago the opposing factions first saturday leader couldnt play because she got her second ban for tresspassing. She was escoryed out of the area. Last year her boyfriend was out in the same area and based on the geography and when he came back by my house in town. He was likely caught and fined for tresspassing. When you park a car outside of a wildlife area with farm land and narrow roads you have limited parking options. And law enforcement was waiting for the car owner.

    Or his car was towed. And he took 3 hours to get the 20 minutes back into town. And attacked portal near my house.

    I and a buddy watched a capsule appear at at location that an agent was throwing a big **** field in town.

    While the agent could have a back pack acct. Ther was another agent that made a tee hee comment in cross faction chats. I suspect that the tee hee agent spoofed to the location and dropped a cap full of keys.

    I know how Gps Works on phones. I also know that state highway depts use the last 4 digits to track traffic speeds.

    Niantic has access to the users cell number and can easily verify if the action within ingress is at the actual location of the user.

    But since cheating is do rampant where first Saturday's started. The older experience agents are quitting or losing intetest. And since the "faction leadership" is based on who is a freind to the POC amd not a hood agent. I no longer communicate with our POC of 8 years. As they have a biased against agents who challenge their "authority". Due to their elitist attitudes i was never included in their fielding operations. So i figured out how to put 10 million mu over a city acroos the river from my house. My husband and i got our onyx fielding badge in 24 hours.

    But as a gay man i am used to prejudice and the limits of humans, to do the human thing instead of being hateful and angry.

    I can play this game with out all of the good ole boys and girls of ingress.

  • @MysticalGnu

    With all due respect, don't you think that's a bit strong?

    Cheating by falsifying your location (AKA Spoofing) is regularly used to hack portals that are no-where near the player. How is a drone different to that? It's ineffective because of the timer sure, but it's still literally "interacting with portals that you are not at". It's completely sanctioned, sure. But the only difference between spoofing and drones, is that drones are highly ineffective. So no, not 'a bit strong'.

    Drones have a purpose during COVID, and realistically will remain after COVID for sojourner purposes, because that badge is badly designed (as was Guardian).

    But expectations of expanding their capabilities, such as throwing links or attacking things, is exactly the wrong direction for a game that needs to focus on getting players back into the field once the pandemic is over.

  • @Naruwasher

    How many players knew that you could make layered fields when the game started or before someone tried and found out?

    I mean we all did, pretty much immediately. The obsession with homogenous fields happened later, partly because layered fields are inherently inferior when you're using link mitigation to protect portals. Once they upped the shield values to stupidly high values, that became far less of a concern.

    Or by your logic you shouldn't use ADA/Jarvis to flip anchors and rethrow fields IF their ONLY intended purpose was to make L8 portals.

    The purpose of ADA/Jarvis was to take control of an opponent's portals. Flip-levelling wasn't something that people did initially, because generally there were plenty of players around.

    Also the term you're looking for is emergent gameplay.

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    You only have to look at Catan, to see how much of an unfair advantage of having an Ingress Super Drone would be, with the inclusion of Totems.

    And each season Niantic encourages spoofing along with the Totems. Which is awful and damages every other game as well.

    Ingress is better balanced with the Drone, but spoofing still continues.

    Game design wise, the direction to mitigate bad actors is slowly getting better, but Niantic have spent 8 years not fixed the core of the problem, as 2FLA does not exist, andvas such, anti spoofing is an extremely difficult problem to solve.

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    I agree with you in that any form of drone gameplay is treading a VERY fine line. Drone gameplay should never replace actual ingress gameplay. The one hack we have now doesn't replace the need to farm gear for city players, but is invaluable to rural players who can drop their drone off in the city and receive a slow but steady stream of higher level gear.

    Beond that, all future drone systems should bring something entirely new to the table, not a semi-spoofed alternative to real gameplay.

    With the mk1, a subsection of players dove head-first into the "furthest drone distance" stat. Planning routes, going OUT to get needed keys, or even submitting new portals to further develop a route. *Player driven gameplay like that is very reminiscent of the missions system with banners; outside of the core gameplay loop but another way to interact with the portal network should you so chose

    You ever open your scanner at night just to recharge some portals and check in on the game? Maybe there's a future for ingress where you can spend 10 - 20 minutes scouting around on your drone or **** whatever drone-exclusive stat they come up with. Pogo did it well with the online battle league; Online only PvP you can play from home but is gated behind walking. Doing some battles on the couch after a long day of /real/ gameplay is a nice bonus. I think ingress could benefit from that.

    *Edit: haha, you must be psychic. The term I was looking for was emergent gameplay

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    That player driven gameplay you mentioned, in my opinion, would have been a great opportunity for Niantic to connect with the community. Either posting about some of these longest distance “flights” on their social media or maybe applauding some other number being topped. The agent with the first 1000 drone hacks, I don’t know.

    Instead, mostly silence, a couple non-answers basically saying we might do something with them down the road. Would love to know why no medals have been released so far. Drone hacks and drone distance seem like such “gimmes.” 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • With them bringing a community manager on board hopefully there will be a lot more of this kind of thing soon. PR is a lot of work.

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    You on your old horse with Catan totems being the great evil again? Omg let it go. Totems are freaking cool.

    They wouldn't work ingress. But Catan it serves the vital function to help people seperated but in the same city to build a complex settlement for shared resource gathering. We have a triple settlement here in Brisbane .... it's already maxed rare resources ... we all chipped in and now we use our totems for extra resources to build our own local harvest loops. It's good stuff.

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    Get these regularly, which ask that exact question. They also provide a box to fill in that's open ended to send comments. Maybe you unsubscribed?

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    I havent got a survey in years.. and yes i have events etc send ticked on so not sure why some get and some dont? and i play more or less daily...

  • I SINCERELY doubt drones will ever go in that direction lol. It is not in line with the vision of the game at all. Maybe fun little games about how far you can take your drone but making them part of the game strategy? Nah.

  • Ok but whenever the idea of "expanding drones" comes up, that's what people suggest. Linking, firing bursters, doing missions etc.

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    Inevitably. Doesn't mean those are good ideas, and certainly doesn't ensure that this will be considered, much less developed.

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    Subscribe now to access a brand new function: deployment and attack by dronenet.

  • I think if you go back a little bit in time, and listen to the vision of John Hanke here....

    You will remember his vision for the game - the world is the game, you have to go there in person - it's all about adventures on foot. Until he changes his tune and says hey, we rethought this - go ahead and play from your couch - I wouldn't worry about drones altering the strategy of the game. That absolutely would not fit with his vision for Ingress.

  • For me these emails are stuck going to the original email I set up my account with, not my current sign in email where damage reports go. Same with event specific emails. There's doesn't seem to be a way to fix it in account settings. Probably an artifact from before google/facebook account linking. Niantic pls fix

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    All of us have experienced software changes in other arenas of our lives. Changes that took time to get use to and were not as good as the old.

    Biggest problem with prime is that it wasn't just different or not as good, it was terrible at launch and with a lot of features missing, and a lot of players didn't give it another chance. I don't know why they released it too soon when it was clearly not ready yet. From the day released and the termination of redacted it had evolved considerable well, but to what it was supposed not be at his launch.

    I it would have gotten a lot o less hate it was release with everything just ike redacted, but I new engine, I mean no carrousel inventory, fancy buttons, etc. The map was the biggest change (program/dev, not visually), the rest could been release just as ugly and squared as before, and the dev could focused on fixing bugs, parity and development of new features. But we got all of sudden a totally different app that somewhat looked like the previous, and force everyone to adapt, might have been easy to newcomers and young people, but we now there's is a lot of older players, who probably struggled to learn the old style interface, and had to basically relearn everything.

    Also prime came in a time where the game was already feeling abandoned. A drastic change like that would not have that huge impact if happened on early 2016 or before (implying it could run well in phones from that period, let's remember that old scanner biggest advantage was being lite and could run in a toaster, and prime taked it away).

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    Map from witcher

    Map from ingress

    What is better?

  • Absolutely this. I've been harping the same for years. Via Noir was the end of the Golden Years and it was absolutely about the communities. I've put many thousands of hours into just the community building and I was never alone...sort of the point. The Old Guard is just the remnants of that community when NIA still actively supported it.

    I hope beyond nostalgia that we can build another era at some point and I know that many of the OG will jump at the chance to rebuild and show the new blood the ropes. That's what we played for. Support us, support NIA.

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