Ingress is dying.



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    Agree with Viona here. Just because we don't have a CM does not mean Vanguards are not being listened to.

    As players, we have limited visibility on this, same as when we did have a CM.

    Personally, I'd go the way some app devs have gone, where you get a bucket of points to distribute to dev tasks. (New feature X, bug fix Y etc).

    Once an issue is resolved, you get the points back to add to another item.

    Niantic can then address the list. "Nope not going to do that, too expensive". "Not possible" "In our opinion this would unbalance the game, so no." "Working on this now" "Good idea, in pipeline" etc.

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    All lots spoofing agents killing Ingress Prime and take to long time for Niantic and vanguard to restor portals,liks and fields.

    Extreme lots more spoofing agents now when new agents join Ingress Prime.

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    Prove me wrong.

    Pull back the curtain and provide more transparency as to what the vanguards actually do and what they're involved in.


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    Did the vanguards support battle beacons? look how that turned out, almost nobody is using that except as **** ap, i have yet to see one deployed in my cell...

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    @joecain You can refresh your understanding of what the VG program is here :

    and take note of the following section:

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    I love ingress it is the best game in the world.

    Would play it even if it was text based with paper maps. "at the park gazebo and i link to the mural."

    These redacted was better folk are just weird ..... don't they know about the power of the + .... insta power cube so good.

    Why i am just keeping up my sojo at the moment ? kid lost some of his eyesight in August and the air just feels thicker and heavier to move through. 2020 has been awful for a lot of folks.

    Playing Catan because it's easier than sorting out my inventory and easier to deal with a player with more time and money than i do.

    I need something that is not hard.

    Ingress is not hard rules wise .... but yes it is hard in the mind ...... there's that ever present tension.... i know what i want to do in ingress but i am constrained by real world limitations.

    .... i don't want to stop that dreaming about possibilities i could do in ingress .... yet maybe i need a permission structure to play ingress within limits life is restricting play.

    ....a list of daily tasks?

    ...easy or hard daily quests?

    Love ingress to bits but she's a lot of work to play at a high level over years.

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    Until more info is allowed/shared, I'm standing by my assertion that the vanguard program is broken/ineffective, given the poor decisions and unwanted/unused feature releases in recent history.

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    You spelled "my own unsubstantiated opinion" wrong.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    Also, I get the feeling you're trying to goad us into revealing something to "prove you wrong". So I'll leave you to your opinion, and carry on.

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    Oddly, locally, we lost MOST of our active agents after Prime became the only client for Ingress.

    Must be a cowinky-d-i-n-k tho, right? I'm sure no other communities have experienced the same thing.

    Guardian badger got me to travel and see new things. Pushed me to go out and go somewhere, vs doing something else or just playing locally. Would of been nice to see it re-worked into a larger cumulative thing though. Overall days held for multiple portals, not just one. Would of pushed more traveling, more fun, more game play.

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    my point,, its not fitting in the current covid situation, why was time wasted on them ? would have been better design new drone verisons instead.

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    Unfortunately, my 20% project on a human-sized Quantum Capsule, codename: Project Brundle, is on hold.

    Hi, Brian. What is a human-sized Quantum capsule? 😮 Do you mean any new feature that is currently at an early stage of development? Thanks.

  • I think it means he can't duplicate himself after being in a Quantum capsule long enough.

  • I can. @Azhreia has been extremely helpful the past few weeks in dealing with an ongoing spoofer problem in my cell. I've shared reports with her and the accounts are banned within hours. We also got numerous links and remote portals fully restored with mods and every resonator and all other portals the spoofer deployed on neutralized. It's too bad Niantic doesn't pay Vangaurds because I'd be asking they to start giving them raises.

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    May I point out this goodbye post from Claudij:

    The Vanguard program is broken. How can a team of players help the community when they have to sign an NDA and no communication takes place? When no decisions are made?

    I do not blame the situation to technical issues. I blame the situation to the lack of community management (except Andrew, he was exceptional!) and communication. Of course it is easy to rant and I cannot offer a solution. This can only be done by Niantic's management.

  • quirischaquirischa ✭✭✭

    has been extremely helpful the past few weeks in dealing with an ongoing spoofer problem in my cell

    Every time it's strange for me why a vanguard should do this, not support

  • With time we've gotten to see that the ability to hack one (1) portal per hour isn't inflating gear availability like some feared; hopefully agents are warming up to the potential and we can begin to see more drone gameplay features.

    The problem with this idea, is that the motto of Ingress is "It's time to move" and "Adventures on foot". Drones, and playing remotely, have a minor place, and have been useful to some during the COVID era, but as an element of a location specific competitive game, they're close to sanctioned cheating.

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