Ingress is dying.

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Ingress is dying, If earlier in the capital of my state 50 or more people played at the same time, now it's good if there are 1-5 active agents per day ...

The chat rooms on the game were almost all silent. Even the most active players lost interest in the game.

During the existence of Prime, we were promised that "the popular bike will become even better" but in the end something incomprehensible came out ...

This picture in my opinion reflects the whole essence of Prime.

We wanted a battlefield with active combat operations, an abundance of multi-moves in terms of gaining an advantage over the enemy. A kind of cyberpunk stealth action in the real world ...

And we got a collection of useless junk in the form of changing cursor arrows or broken game chat. Or the same combat beacons allow you to fight for one portal for no reason ... And many other things that destroy the integrity of the game concept.

  • Apex
  • Battle beacons
  • Drones
  • Portal scanning
  • Kinetic capsules

Sorry, but I do not know of a single agent in my country who would regularly use a drone or buy beacons or apexes. These are not the innovations that most players expected.

And yes, having a normal staff of productive programmers, all these innovations could be added in one update, and not stretched over several years, passing off as great achievements.

I really love ingress. Previously, it looked like a great chess club where there were always a lot of people, life was always seething. And now the game is more like a half-abandoned closet full of unnecessary or rarely used things.

What do you think needs to be done in order for the game to become popular at least as an old scanner in its best years?



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    Alternative plan: terminate the game and create a new one with same basic mechanism (links between wayspot), hope old players join without crying and hate, hope new players like it.

  • Agreed. Once the virus is dealt with and everyone gets back out on the road, things will be back to can we get the freeze/punt to stop. That is what we'd like to have.

  • Oh completely agree with you there. Ingress isn’t dead, it’s that freeze/punt to stop/2 lap penalty for running over an air line...

    Ingress will come back with a “resurgence” or “resonance” that one couldn’t imagine.

  • The essence of Ingress died sometime ago. Like 2-3 years ago. It will never again be what it was in its heyday. The cause(s) are debatable, but it’s my belief that it was already on the decline before Prime.

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    one problem is, ingress isnt growing many players really due to the low rating on google store last i checked is 3.1 ... how do we get many old players and new back in this game? for that we need fun events like global challenges etc back.

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    Here is the problem, ingress was already dire pre-october 2019

    AR gaming just isn't as captive as it once was,

    Microsoft tried and failed with mine craft,

    Niantic currently has 4 titles published in playstore,

    Does anyone remember delta-t?

    I'm sure you can all name atleast one other....

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    Very easy to understand. Now agents dont need to do nothing to get medals. Only buy from shop and agents get it and dont need play Ingress Prime. More spoofing agents now when Pokémon Go trains find Ingress Prime and play. Now lots of agents stop play when Niantic do nothing to stop spoofing.

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    I think you make a point I’ve made elsewhere very clear. Niantic needs to evolve to keep this game alive. Using covid as a crutch isn’t going to work forever, a subscription is just a monetary bandaid and events with medals you buy isn’t going to hold people over for very long either....

    Time to change and try something different. Try to find a tough balance of not making your OG elitists cry and entertaining new agents long enough to set the hook.

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  • So i reinstalled the game to come back after 3 years, but, sorry, i just do not understand the client. how should a new player ?

    Bye Ingress.

  • Great post!

     This veil of secrecy is doing more harm than good and y'all still haven't figured that out

    My favorite part, its time to change Niantic Team!

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    That's Prime. Niantic had the dilemma to shut down Ingress with the redacted scanner or continue the game through Prime. RoboVM was no longer supported.

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    A global shards event might be good.

    Agree free buy medals all the time is not going to hold people.

    Some ppl are organising a couchnomoly. This appears to have better ideas than other recent ideas I have seen here.

    Niantic really need to listen and feedback more and just appear to be incapable of changing in this regard.

    Maybe hand over more to the player base via Vanguards? Let's face it, players always had a huge input to the success of anomalies.

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    Agree ^

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