A Better Me on the Road to 16

Hello everyone! It has been quite the year since I got back out in the field. Last week especially has been crazy. Before I tell you all about the amazing strides I've made recently, please allow me a quick moment to give some background...

Several years ago, without incident or warning, I started to suffer from balance issues and nerve pain that made it impossible for me to go out safely. I would bounce between walls just trying to walk from the bedroom to the living room. The nerve pain started to impact my whole left side as well. I couldn't hold things weighing more that just a few ounces without the fear of dropping whatever I was holding. Some days the muscle spasms would leave me curled up in a ball in bed feeling like there was an earthquake happening. The doctors have never been able to explain what happened, and all the while I kept trying to workout or be as active as possible. It was hard given all of the restrictions on what I was allowed to do physically, and despite my attempts to remain active, I gained 90 pounds. Also, due to my inability to be out for more than a couple of hours, I had to quit my job last year. It felt like everything was just going downhill.

This brings us to last summer. At this point, my kids were both away at camp, and I found myself missing some of the old days when I would play Ingress with my fabulous community. I downloaded the app again, and started to reach out. I was still limited on long I could go out and battle for the minds of humanity, but I made it part of my life again. It didn't take long before the rest of my family was starting to get into it too, and encouraged me to play because it made me happy. My husband even made it possible for the two of us to go to several anomalies over the last year starting San Diego last July.

It was the San Diego anomaly that started to change things for me. I even posted a quick blurb on G+ about how happy I was to be able to go in the ocean after almost 18 years. I told myself then that I wanted to get more involved. With that, I pushed myself to be able to consistently be available for 3-4 hours stretches for more anomalies. Phoenix came, and then Las Vegas. Each one needing to be carefully planned with Physical Therapy and Trigger Point injections, so I could be dependable throughout. It was draining, but I loved every minute (even when I thought my feet were going to fall off in Vegas).

After Vegas, I started helping my fellow agents prepare for the final events of the series. I wasn't able to go to the sites, but I helped with recharge rooms, and with gear gathering. It was after Chicago that my dear husband teased me about being one of the last active agents with a founder's badge who had still not reach level 16 access even once. While I played a lot, most of my energy went into hacking with the family, and helping other level up back in the "early days", and even now I hacked to help anomaly goers. As luck would have it, I had another round of Trigger Point injections just a couple of weeks ago, and something happened afterwards that has made my road to 16 possible.

I got up on June 3rd with the expectation of simply walking around and hacking the park. It was early, and I thought I'd have time to burn out all of the portals if I paced myself right. During my first lap however, I found that I was able to stretch the pain away, and I just kept going. I even felt well enough to link and field the place properly. Afterwards, I was still feeling good. So I went to another spot, burned it out, and linked and fielded. I still felt good! So I just kept going, and going, and going. This has gone on ever since. My family and community has been amazing! Cheering me on, and donating gear and keys. I've even lost 16 pounds already!!! I have to give a special shout out to my family though. They have been so sweet in following me around key farming, and holding onto stuff for me while I grind away. The goal now it to hit 16 by my birthday (which is about a month away). I already earned a little over 4 million just last week.

I honestly don't know that I would have the same sort of drive that I have to go out all day and night if it was not for Ingress. I'll definitely post an update when my birthday rolls around. It's time to move!


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