EROS Dome and Water Tower SITREP

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**Overview:** I open up intel and zoomed out. There were fields hanging off the portals and as I had a 3 day weekend.... Hmm... I grabbed the iPad, opened Foreflight and started looking at Flight Plans. Sent my Lovely wife a message and she said "ok..."

There are some fields that just Sit there on Intel for what seems like months at a time. I had heard of an area in the Midwest that required a tour to go in, and even then, the portals weren't on the standard tour route.

The Local Resistance players were committed to physically following Enlightened players around, and insisted there was no way any of them could get even close enough to take these portals out.

Many strategies and attempts have been made over the last few years, but where there's a will, there's a way. ALL Portals which are currently on the intel map present their own set of unique challenges, and these two were no different.


I've driven, 4x4ed, hiked, backpacked, and even flown for this game in the past, so I was prepared for what became the final solution. For OPSEC purposes, some details are being left out:

Last year, a little birdie alerted me to the two portals in question. I asked around, and it was concluded that I was "Uniquely Qualified" for the mission - I had the skills, I had the transportation necessary, we moved forward. The plan was filed, but with TBD on the Date / Time.

**Thursday, 14 Jan:** I open up intel and zoomed out. There were fields hanging off the portals and as I had a 3 day weekend.... Hmm... I grabbed the iPad, opened Foreflight and started looking at Flight Plans. Sent my Lovly wife a message and she said "ok..."

**Saturday, 16 Jan:** Lovely wife didn't feel good, but she knew that "flight is Life", so said be safe and have Fun. And I certainly did.

I took off from the local airport enroute for "points North", however because of the weather, I went to Lincoln for fuel, and ended up staying in Lincoln overnight.

**Sunday, 17 Jan:** After a solid preflight, and waiting for the ice to melt. (Ended up getting Deiced anyways. That's Fun, and a First for me). I set the GPS to Leyin for routing (Closest Waypoint to EROS) and tookoff from Lincoln.

As I got close, I made sure everything was set, mounted safely, and checklists were done (I have a Specific one for Ingressing). Announcement was made and chats closed. Visual... 3 Miles out and Pics taken. Ingress set... Jarvis Ready... and at 11:17 The Dome at EROS flips ENLIGHTENED! I spin around, make the Downwind message to throw Blockers Round 1, and set up for Eros Water Tower. After circling a number of times, everything worked out and at 11:37, Eros Water Tower went Enlightened as well. A couple more turns in holding, a radio call to Sioux Falls Approach, and I headed for home.

I flew into MN, then Back to Sioux Falls for fuel. Quick Turn the plane, and southbound for the last few hours of flying for this trip. It was TONS of fun! Who knows where the next Flying Ingress mission will take us.

Photo Album:

**Reddit Post**

**Quick Stats:**

Over 9 Hours of flying

2 Portals Flipped

92,018 MU Destroyed

At LEAST 20 documented reports of Smurf Tears from All over the Midwest USA.

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  • This is amazing. Hopefully the local enl have keys!

  • Wow, this is so awesome!!! 💚 🐸 💚

  • This is some insane dedication to get at a restricted access portal. Well done!

    I was about to ask how you were able to do an action while flying a plane like that, but then you explained in a Reddit comment that you can achieve a ground speed of 0 with the right conditions, which makes perfect sense.

  • Who would have ever thought a plane would bring a flash flood warning for the greater souix falls south dakota area? Did them viruses happen to be the new covid-19 "steak" strain? How devastating it must be for the blue blood type up there. Maybe they can send up that medical ship they had in NY to rescue in them flood waters of all Dem smurf tears.

  • MonkeyPeltMonkeyPelt ✭✭✭✭

    I’m interested to know why an experienced, recursed ENL did this on a level 10 account that’s less than a year old. I’m guessing it was either a backpack, or the main account was banned for spoofing, again. A fun detail to leave out of the sit rep unless the previous spoofing was opsec.

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