150 cycles in a row (January 2018 - January 2021)

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On January 10th, 2021, the first cycle of the year came to an end.

On that same day, my Enlightened community playing in the cell AF11-SIERRA-13 located in Southern Italy, achieved an important victory over the Resistance: we won the 150th cycle in a row!

This means that we fought for 3 consecutive years, from January 2018 (but actually, my community was fighting since the beginning of Ingress) until now, always keeping an eye to the regional score, and always trying to keep our region green. I don’t remember how it exactly started, but when I think about this long and hard challenge, I must admit to myself that I am a crazy guy who plays in a crazy community of untiring smurf-eating driver frogs.

On the other hand, I must also admit that my community is made up of enthusiastic players who share their love for Ingress and for big triangles: these two uncommon ingredients are enough to create a fantastic, diverse, committed and funny group of friends!

Our community is quite mixed: we are aged between 25 and 50+, and we all do different jobs and have different hobbies… probably that’s why we are such a great team! We really had a lot of fun during these years, and I still cannot explain how can a game like Ingress create such strong connections among people living within a 100 km range, or even further.

But the game becomes more interesting and exciting when prizes at stake are big: we live in a highly densely populated area and a single field over the whole cell is worth about 3.000.000 MUs. Moreover, our cell was among the 9 ones Niantic chose to involve in the MU Challenge that took place on December 1st, 2017.

Cycle 2019.05 is a very special one: the average score is set to 30 millions MUs, meaning that the cumulative MU count of the whole cycle is over one billion! Here's the pic:

Here are the links to our first big Op of the year and to the MU Challenge Sitreps:





We received the help of several players from the surrounding cells, and especially from many Enl tourists (@UNCOVER, OleZweig, Ammimalu, @Xaind and Joannex, djdjesaigon, Mulder123, valjor, @GodOfOwls and @BolverBlitz, jjet47, just to name a few) that lit up strategic portals on the islands of Ischia and Capri or took part to our great operations, so we hope to meet many more of them during the next years!

I will try to make a list of agents that played in our cell since the beginning and especially during the last 3 years, followed by some pictures of our fields. As the years go by and my memory is not 100% reliable, please comment this post if I forgot to name you!



































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  • I'm honored to be part of this great community

  • It looks like there were many great ops in that time frame, congratulations !

    I'd be more interested in hearing the stories of how you narrowly clenched the cell score coming from behind at the very last checkpoint, rather than the time you won with 150x the other team's score.

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