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Here is the orignal sitrep for the MU Challenge published on G+. MU Challenge took place on December 1st, 2017, as part of EXO5 anomaly series. The 9 cells chosen around the globe needed to score the highest MU delta possible between two consecutive Checkpoints, and the faction with the largest increase in MU at the end of the chosen Checkpoint, received an Intel Package (one Intel Package available for each cell) with information about the upcoming events.

The cells chosen by Niantic were the following:

AS09-KILO-08 (around Medan, Indonesia)

PA01-SIERRA-08 (around Adelaide, Australia)

PA08-ROMEO-06 (around Hamilton, New Zealand)

NR02-DELTA-10 (around Kiev, Ukraine)

NR02-FOXTROT-05 (around Prague, Czech Republic)

AF11-SIERRA-13 (around Napoli, Italy)

AM01-HOTEL-07 (around Des Moines, IA, USA)

AM14-PAPA-14 (around Asuncion, Paraguay).

AM16-PAPA-15 (around Montevideo, Uruguay)


#MUChallenge… when @TheMind first shared the G+ post with us the first answer was: “Oh S##t!”. As our cell was among the 9 ones called to score the largest Delta, we were pervaded by a sentiment of green patriotism: it was about our cell, our region, Campania, and we were asked to perform our best.

Our first thought went to past operations covering half the AF11-SIERRA-13 cell, the so called ‘Megatrone op’ with one vertex on Ischia island, in the Campanian archipelago. Megatrone was planned years ago by the leading mind of @Klauspino and repeated, revised, improved during the generations of enlightened players in Campania but… @Klauspino won’t be fighting with us nor coordinating us this time, as he will be 600 km away from SIERRA-13 during this challenge.

That is why the operation codename was universally accepted to be #mammahopersoklaus (‘#mom, klaus got lost!’, which is the italian title for Home Alone, the comedy film starred by Macaulay Culkin). And that is also why we were starting to abandon the idea of Megatrone (which is worth 100 million MU), being @Klauspino our most tyre consuming agent: even if employing all our available agents on the 1st December, the number of cross-links and Res portals to destroy (apart from the uncountable Enl portals to flip) exceeded our possibilities. There was just a very small chance to handle the situation and to keep it under control, and we knew we could transform that chance into success thanks to our knowledge of the battle field, and thanks to our coordination. With all the agents of SIERRA-13 employed on the battlefield, we asked for some help to all the italian players, expecially for voice operators.

We discussed about the moves, actions, players and cars needed during endless late evening Telegram chats; of course the Resistance was studying its moves too but, as we will find out on the day of the challenge, they were actually studying their conuntermoves aimed to cut our project.

After evaluating all the possibilities and taking into account all the locations where Resistance players lived, and after gaining awareness of the crazy cleaning operation we were going into, we decided to use the islands located 80 km west to the campanian coast as a vertex, beign those islands the perfect point from where to field over the area of our main interest: the beautiful city of Napoli and its sorroundings, together with the whole region. Thanks to a national fundraising the amount for covering travel expences was achieved and @Ubjk (called Hasnamussen at the time of the Challenge) was selected as the winner of such an exotic experience of one night on the island (not so exotic actually, with high sea and rainy weather announced).

@TyfRazot and @PzKwll were precious during the early stages of our project: they strived for the total demolition of a few 60 km Res links (which were taken down and raised up again from the home portal of the local Res player in the city of Aversa) in order to make the workload lighter on the day of the challenge, and destroyed even the smallest Res field; apart from that, nothing else moved until Friday. And finally Friday, 1st December, came! The Resistance starts to make its moves in the early afternoon: the Checkpoint of 5:00 pm is still far, but the game has started! One Res player here, one Res player there, two Res players south, another one in the neighbouring cell throwing links from the coast to the coast of the opposite neighbouring cell, Res players even on the islands! We are sorrounded and before we can even act, we are crossed and left breathless on all sides, but the enlightened core of the cell is still alive, waiting for the right moment to act (actually, all we were waiting for 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm to leave our workplace or University to get into motion).

While the picture of our project, so long and precisely studied, is slowly fading into our minds, the only active player able to make some moves now is @VarthDadder , whose lucid and visionary mind is already focused on a new possible project, which is far smaller than the original one, but it will let us catch loads of MUs, and e he immediatly starts to make it feasible, giving the first instructions to @C0GE, who reacts rapidly destroying the first crosses, careless of the traffic and of distance he has to travel. At the same time @Dariocip who has already destroyed a key portal in the morning without even thinking that this action would help us with the new project, now closes the channel to Procida island with his links and suggests @Rixtef to make protection links from Procida island to Sorrento (special thanks go to our agents @Rixtef and @montoyaVvf, for they periodically clean Ischia and Procida islands: any Res link towards one of these two islands would cross our new project). In the meanwhile, @Davier32 and @Natalonz, coordinated with @Matteo1611 on the Adriatic coast and with @BobbyRoode000 in the middle, are acting in the northern boundaries of the cell in order to make it Resistanceproof, impermeable to any Res irruption from the north and from the north-east (their Resistanceproof spring-like configuration of links and multilayered blockage system will always be rembered).

But wait… our originary Megatrone plan is impossible to create because of dozens of Res cross-links raised in less than one hour and… S##t! @Ubjk is on the pier ready to board the ship to the islands! But of course, our careful operators @donbreda and @RainbowAky can’t forget about him, and take the hard decision of making him remain on the land: “Don’t get on board! Come back!”, “We need you on the land, Ubjk!”… while the ferry was leaving the pier towards the sea, @Ubjk is standing there, staring melancholically at the puffs of smoke, with the luggage in one hand, and a sheet of a printed hotel room reservation in the other hand, dreaming of what his little holiday on the island would have been like. But just a few seconds, and @Ubjk shakes his head and comes back to reality, remembering that his mates need him: he throws the room reservation to the wind, and kicks his luggage from the pier edge into the sea, turns himself back and runs to the car, ready to sneak through the streets of SIERRA-13.

As time goes by, Resistance incursions become more aggressive and dangerous: a Res agent appears very close to the vertex of the new project proposed by @VarthDadder, but his attempts are focused on destroying the links apt to protect the eastern and north-eastern part of cell: the only one who can stop him is @xabelx , but he is testing the mechanical properties of his polymer samples at the laboratory of his university. He manages to keep himself calm and still, relieving his rage at the sight of the testing machine which cruelly bends the polymer samples until their breaking point, as if they were smurfs’ fingers. As soon as he tests all the samples, he runs away to establish the order again, and waits for @DIDDY1984 @L32TESLA1983 and for @Giovee to reach him and to help him to protect the portal chosen as the new vertex, decided just a few hours before.

Without the support of @DIDDY1984, @L32TESLA1983 and @Giovee, the young @zDoom is left alone facing 5 Res players in his hometown: unluckily, he doesn’t succeed in his attempt to add fresh MUs to the total Delta count, but nevertheless, he forces Res players to chase him throughout the city.

Resistance players keep on appearing everywhere all over the cell, but we are highly focused on fulfilling our project; it is almost time to field, and as soon as @TheMind leaves his workplace, he comes into action, his experience doesn’t need instructions and he goes directly to his target, ready to act in synchronization with the outstanding @CapaMag , who is on his first experience on the battlefield during such a great event. The same strength and experience are guiding @Luis41, hopping from one portal to another in order to clear the path of the base link from one vertix to the other.

It is 9:10 pm and there is one last Res link that needs to be destroyed immediately and in exact coordination with @TheMind, @CapaMag and @Luis41: it is time for the agile @andytrinity to come into action! He’s already in action, actually: he is at home preparing a sweet and romantic dinner for his girlfriend and thinks: “When she’s back, she will find such a tasty surprise!”. But the call to arms comes for him too: “@andytrinity, we need you on Regina dei Gigli church within 30 minutes!”; “Oh no!”, thinks @andytrinity, “I will never be in time for dinner… my sweety will **** me!”… but soon after he thinks: “Oh well, but if I get covered by blue fields, I will never digest this dinner”. And of course, @andytrinity gets into his car, takes the highway and reaches the target faster than ever and comes back home just in time to finish cooking and to celebrate with a bottle of wine together with his girlfriend.

It’s 9:40 pm, all the Enlightened efforts on the battlefield converge to the final stage: @VarthDadder is now able to start fielding! First field, 500K MUs… second field, other 500K MUs… third field… fourth field… thirteenth field: 6,5 million MUs total!

Resistance made its efforts too, building layered fields worth a total of more than 2,5 million MUs. Resistance players exhibited good coordination, they involved players from neighbouring cells and thus, they managed to establish important cross-links, almost all the Res in SIERRA-13 were fighting, showing high team spirit.

What led the Enlightened to victory on the MUChallenge of the 1st December 2017 are the will to fight and to have fun, the awareness of being a unique team, the versatility and the ability to adapt to new targets and requests, the knowledge of the playing field, and the extraordinary capacity of coordination under the the instructions of our valid operators and coordinators.

Here’s the list of all agents involved:







@DIDDY1984 984

















Coordinators and financial support:



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