Drone hacking not possible after moving the drone.

After moving the drone to a new portal it isn't possible to hack it, I recoeve the message that it has been burn't out.

I can get around this by closing the app, restarting it and when I go into drone net the drone is at the portal I moved it to and I can hack it.

There is another option and that is o move the drone, exit drone net, enter drone net again, move the drone again (because it is at the previous location) and then I can hack it succesfully.

I found out this bug can also be used as a feature that allows me to move and hack with the drone twice every hour (or twice every 15 minutes during the current event).

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  • In v2.61.3 I'm experiencing a similar bug: the cooldown periode between 2 drone moves has decreased to about 14:54 min. so I can perform 4 drone moves & hacks per hour. Not bad, but unexpected. My drone moves correctly.

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    That is because there's currently an event going on that decreases the cooldown to 15 minutes. The event runs until Tuesday, January 19th 17:00 UTC, so after that, the cooldown should be 1 hour again.

    More info:

  • Yes, that's the reason. It didn't read the last news. Thank you!

  • Drone Mark I cooldown has been reduced to 15 minutes, so that's working as expected, but @PapaHotel81 can you share a screenshot of the burnout message that you're seeing?

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    @NianticBrian, this is the message I get when I try to hack the portal after moving the drone.

    Edit: Just got the "portal not in range" message for a change.

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  • I've made screen recordings of my actions, the error message and what I do to get around it.

    I also have a screen recording of me moving the drone twice and hacking two portals with the drone. Or should I say using 2 drones.

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    Just to be sure: you do understand that the usual portal burnout limits (4 hacks of a given non-modded portal within 4 hours) apply for drones too, right? So that if you move your drone 4 times to the same portal and hack it, it won't let you hack 5th time before 4 hours are passed?

  • Yes, I know you can actually burn out a portal with the drone during the event.

    I'm having this problem a couple of months now but didn't bother to report this before.

  • It seems like my report is still open, so I will give a little update.

    The bug is still there and a couple days after my previous post I discovered I can use the bug as a feature. With this bug/feature I have two drones!

    When looking at my stats I see that last week I drone hacked 205 portals (168 hours in one week) and last month I drone hacked 891 portals (744 hours in a 31 day month).

    For those that are interested in how it works, I start the scanner, go to dronenet move the drone and I can't hack that portal (out of range message), I exit dronenet, get back into dronenet and I get to my second drone and I can move it (to another) portal. Exiting and entering dronenet again brings me to one of the drones and I can hack it, I can hack the other one an hour later before moving it.

    To be clear, if you start the scanner, move the drone and can hack the portal, congratulations, it works as intended and you have 1 drone.

  • Hello everyone!

    I am an iOS user and seems to be happening the same! I think I have more than one Drone using them separately, but every one hour.

    Check my youtube video as proof of that! Search "Ingress - Do I have 2 or more drones?"

    Cheers, @RE1VAX

  • I also have the same issue. Has been from december 2021 (this is a guess). Really annoying when i need to do every move twice. Especially when i collect unique drone hacks. Any help with this? Ex. @NianticBrian

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