Drone Hack Weekend -- **Unofficial** Badge Thread

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Want some self-encouragement for the Drone Hack Weekend? I'm thinking of spinning up some unofficial badges for the event.

Post here if you would like to see this happen. If there is enough interest, I will have them created.

💚 💙

Please note that these badges are completely unofficial. There are no prizes and no scanner badges. But there will be lots of cubes and lots of fun. Open to agents of all factions.


Feel free to also post your starting stats here!

Starting Stats: Bihotz

  • Unique Portals Drone Visited: 69
  • Furthest Drone Distance: 3km
  • Drone Hacks: 1078
  • Glyph Hack Points: 75299



By Jarvis! We've had an awesome response to this!

Starting stats can be posted here: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=19758 Thanks, @cluelessness!

Also, thanks to @yngemar for the leveled badges! (Coming soon!)


Update: Drone Hack Levels

  • Bronze - 3
  • Silver - 13
  • Gold - 31

Please remember these are unofficial.

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