An account issue for one year.

PoshCPoshC ✭✭✭

Hi Agents. I am Enlightened Agent @PoshC from Taiwan. 

I want to share a story about my account.

I created an account with non-Gmail mail in 2014. And my account has some bug likes can’t join IngressPrime beta and login into forums and so on. Because Tesselation is about to start, I have to use the forum to participate. I started to actively respond to this problem to the Ingress Team. When they remove my account linked to Facebook and my account disappeared. 

After the disappearance, Nia OPS Sierra directly told me that the account was corrupted, but the data of the account was still there. Nia OPS Sierra asked me to open a new account and they will restore my data. However, after a year of continuous communication, it has not been fully recovered. The data accumulated over the past six years, and the achievement, paid event medals and stat, have not yet been fully recovered.

During this year, I also kept in touch with the Ingress Team. Either there was no much reply or silence. Sierra told me to wait patiently. I waited for a year and kept asking for long enough, right? In August 2020, Pooja contacted me and told me Don’t worry. And now it’s 2021.

Ingress is a great game. You can encounter many things in the gameplay. In the past six years, I have participated a lot of anomalies, operations, and events, including laughter and tears. But the data accumulated for six years still not fully restored and give me a silent replied. Just imagine that the stat you have accumulated for six years of time and money just disappeared like this, can you?

After waiting for a year, I don't know when this issue will be fully resolved. 

For example:

Here I would like special thanks to Hilda and Eugene for helping with this issue.

This is some profile before this issue. 


嗨 各位探員



首先我在2014/01/01用非Gmail的電子郵件創了Ingress帳號,帳號有bug無法登入論壇,由於Tesselation要開始了要使用論壇才能參與,開始積極向Ingress Team反應這個問題,經過不斷往返Nia OPS Sandro手動移除我的帳號與Facebook的連結後,我的帳號消失了。

在消失之後Nia OPS Sierra直接跟我說資料毀損,但是帳號的資料數據還在,叫我開一個新帳號他們會復原我的數據。但是經過一年了不斷的交涉下依然沒有完全復原,六年來累積的數據資料、參加付費活動的成就牌等,依舊還沒完全回復。

在這一年期間我也是不斷聯絡Ingress Team,不是沒有下文就是已讀不回,Sierra告訴我耐心等候我都等一年了中間也有不斷詢問夠久了吧?2020年8月Pooja聯絡我也是告訴我Don't worry.然後現在 2021了。




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  • ZeroHecksGivenZeroHecksGiven ✭✭✭✭✭

    Brutal. Hopefully they can help you. Your dedication to the game is obvious, would be a shame if they couldn't figure this out. Pretty frustrating they haven't been able to handle this for you....

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    liked post for you goodluck.

  • I am sorry to hear your suffering, agent.

    Why not quitting for good? Instead of losing another second of your life w/ NIA, in which case you've already wasted one whole year.

    It was a great game indeed but we have to move on, don't we?

  • PoshCPoshC ✭✭✭

    Till now still missing.

    Char medals:

    Oliver Lynton-Wolfe(Prime), NL-1331x

    Paid Events:

    Intel Ops(2), 

    Special event:


    Stat: Explorer, Hacker, Illuminator, Recharger, Pioneer, Liberator, Frist Saturday(11), Sojourner, and some stats are not for badges,

    Missing stat medals: Recon, SpecOps, Seer, Guardian

    And the Ingress team is silent. Is there any hope in this world?

    @NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticKK @NianticOfficial @NianticHilda

  • PoshCPoshC ✭✭✭

    Just good news for an update. :)

    There is still something missing.

    Char medals:

    Oliver Lynton-Wolfe(Prime), NL-1331x

    Special event medals:


    Stat: Explorer, Hacker, Illuminator, Recharger, Pioneer, Liberator, Frist Saturday(11), Sojourner, and some stats are not for badges,

    @NianticVK Can you help me again?

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