New Item Idea: XM Cache

XM Cache

·       XM Cache is an item that could be placed at any geographical location by an agent.

·       This XM Cache can hold up to 1000 items.

·       An XM Cache could only be put in inventory and moved if it was completely empty.

·       Quantum Capsules would not duplicate items while in the XM Cache

·       Any agent can see this Cache on the ground.  (No comm message when deployed.)

·       To access you must use a 5 glyph sequence combination lock that the original deploying agent sets.

·       This glyph sequence can be change by any agent who has the combination.

·       An Agent could try to guess the Glyph pattern but like hacking a portal would only get one attempt every 5 minutes and suffer an XM loss for failed attempts.

·       The original owner would have a “Self Destruct” option that could be triggered remotely that would destroy the XM Cache and all contents in it. (To be used if Glyph combination was forgotten /changed or otherwise unable to be retrieved)

·       Each Agent could only deploy 1 – 3 XM Cache (Maybe limit amount to Recursions)

Obviously, many agents run into inventory issues particularly when farming for Anomalies and other special events. The easy fix for that would be to simply raise the inventory limit of any individual agent. However I think this is a neat idea and would add an entirely new element to the game. One could store items long term on the ground without losing it but, it would be in essence a risk. Any agent would be able to attempt to hack into the cache and steal items. Alternatively agents could use them as “secure” dead drop locations to allow for agents to pass gear though they can’t get to it at the same time.

Ok that’s my idea; **** it full of holes guys.


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    To start, maybe you should have posted this in the app feedback category and not this one :-)

    Edit: saw it was already there (maybe had to be approved?)

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    Dang I thought I did!

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    Yeah I may have attempted it twice it was waiting for approval.

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    Or three times apparently...

    Wow I must have not realized something at first.

    Is there a way to delete a discussion?

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    Sadly no, not unless admins do it.

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    @NianticAkshay It is possible you could delete this and the other duplicate post in app feedback?

    As it stands this discussion is one of three identical headings.

    (Sorry I’m a newb)

  • 42N342N3 ✭✭✭

    interesting feature but would shift the balance more to very active players - especially with that number of recursions limit, If reusable, these local item lockers would become to asynchronous exchange points for players to bring gear from stable areas in one colour to other areas.

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    I accidentally made multiple post of this due to my inexperience with the "Review Post" procedure. I believe the most looked at and responded to one is this.

    I was hoping this one in the wrong category would have been deleted by the admins by now.

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