Black screen with sound of game

When I load up Ingress I see the Niantic and Ingress logo. I then have a black screen with sound of the game behind it. I have forced stopped the app. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Rebooted phone. Nothing works. Help! Please.

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    Same problem here since 2 days (black screen after start, music is playing, battery saver is working, no input accepted).

    I also uninstalled the App several times, reinstalled it, restarted but nothing helps. Sometimes red error message appears "scanner deactivated, unkown position" ( or in german "Scanner deaktiviert, ungenauer Standort"). Pokemon Go instead is running fine.

    Playing at Xiaomi Mi A3, Android 10, Ingress 2.61.3-a841de4f

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  • Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite both run fine on same phone with same Google account. I have been playing Ingress since it was in Beta so this is very frustrating

  • And I have portals to charge!!!!!

  • Issue has rectified itself

  • Did you change anything? At me the problem still exists :(

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