Key sorting stickiness

Issue title:

Key sorting stickiness


Description of the issue:

When switching between viewing keys in a capsule (or a key

capsule) to keys in inventory the Ingress 1.X client remained on the selected

key name (if the key exists in both places). The Prime 2.X client seems to sort

by location and chooses a different key regardless of the previous search

criteria selected or key last selected while viewing in the capsule. Please

consider fixing this so the stickiness remains between viewing keys in a

capsule and keys in open inventory.


Device, OS, app version:

iPhone 7, OS 14.3, Ingress Prime 2.61.3

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  • Mariano Plaza selected initially

    When switching to a capsule it goes to the closest key instead of the same key. In this case El-D Skull Mural is closer and even though Mariano Plaza exits in the capsule El-D is selected.

  • This is a major PITA, reported it through scanner and had scanner shut down

  • bump

    still broken

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