travel story: 1000 steps onto a pile of rubbish

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1.000 stairs lead to the top of the Hoheward at the Ruhr region in Germany. I didn’t count them personally because there is a portal at the top with this name ( see,7.169159&z=17&pll=51.569297,7.169159 ) . And all Enlightened players know that portals and shapers speak the truth 😉. But as a matter of fact the RES agent @Perkins45 inspired me to go to this location since he made an ingress mosaic that included several of these sites.

See pictures and drone footage at " agentnelkon" on Instagram:

This forum doesn't let me post pictures and links (yet).

The „Halde Hoheward“ is the largest tip of its kind in Europe. A completely artificial hill made of piled up ****. Visitors can walk around on diversified hiking and cycling trails up to the top.

Once you reach the highest platform of the Hoheward tip at 150m you can experience one of the landmark art installations of the Industrial Heritage Trail - the “Horizon Observatory”. A modern version of Stonehenge . It is made up of two great curving steel arches which can be seen from far and wide.

Another highlight is the impressive horizontal sundial on the lower eastern plateau consisting of a 9 metre high obelisk telling the time with its shadow as former examples did in the roman age.

While the Roman‘s stone and concrete construction are built to last forever the steel arch with a radius of 45m upheld its structural integrity just for several months. The strong winds at this height caused a crack in the steel beam. It got closed down for interim fixation by supporting pillars and final repair. That was in 2009. Since then nothing changed except legal steps against anyone who is possibly made responsible for this.

This highlighted Ingress location is a good example for contemporary things that last forever: provisional solutions. .


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