Wrong indication of portal level and range change when deploying resonators

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When deploying consecutive resonators on a portal, there is an indication next to current portal level and range. In my understanding, it's supposed to show the change that will happen if the currently selected resonator is deployed. The displayed value is wrong.

In this case, it says portal level will not go up. In fact, the portal will be level 5 after I deploy the resonator. Also note the predicted range is about 98 km.

This is after I deployed the selected resonator. The portal is now level 5. The range 110 km. So both indicators on the previous screenshot are wrong. These ones are wrong as well. The portal will not reach L6 after I deploy the selected resonator, and its range will be 160 km and not 148 km.

This is on Android, Ingress Prime version 2.61.3-a841de4f.

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