Quick hack with a key from the map does not give an additional key

When I make a long tap on the portal on the map, and click "hack with key", the hack happens, but the key does not drop out, if it is already in the inventory.

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  • Why do you think that the game must give it to you?

  • Because the same button from the portal menu works correctly and additional keys drop out. What's the point of this button if it doesn't give a key?

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2020

    I just did it today and it gave a key. Just like glyph hacking with More (request key) doesn’t always give a key, neither does the Request Key quick-button. It’s a request, not a promise or demand. From what I’ve experienced the quick-button fails more often than it succeeds. But it still works. If you need keys, glyph hack and apply the More glyph.

  • DeadSolArisDeadSolAris ✭✭
    edited December 2020

    The same button from the portal menu works in the same way, it give you just a chance of key after hack. Now at 2.61.3 i tried long tap hack with key on my device and got my key while already had 3 keys from the portal in inventory. The next time i won't get lucky. It's absolutely normal way how the game works. If you can't get key from any portal after many attempts, maybe it's a bug, but please provide to us information about your device and version of the game. Because the bug if it exist, doesn't affect to all players.

  • Yes, the same button from the portal menu gives an additional key. The button from the map never gives you a key if you already have one. This is a common hack. If the logic of the game is like this, then the picture on the button should be different.

  • Logic of the game is chance to get a key after "hack with key" even if you already have key in inventory. If you do simple hack when already have the key in inventory, you don't have that chance.

  • Surprisingly, it now works correctly. The issue is resolved. Thanks.

  • It was never broken.

    Each hack 'with key' only has a 75% to drop a key. Every 'chance' at a key, even the extra chances granted through Glyph Hack bonus, each have only a 75% chance of success, which is why you see different numbers of keys, and can get a P8 perfect hack with 50+% speed bonus, and still get no keys.

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