Temporary Alliances

Truthseekers: Sometimes you have put aside certain grudges. As for having the power to put their finger on the scales... what a scary and dangerous idea. Apart from XM itself, the population of all the Agents are, of course, the most 'valuable' resource in the warfare and conflicts of Ingress...




  • As I was responding to @Neku69's question: Are we sure that Hulong is against the exos' existence in our portal network?

    I think the question lies not with whether Hulong is for or against the Exogenous. Someone or some parties are trying to BECOME them sooner than expected.

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    LOG ID: kvx36brainwave993tu TS // NIANTIC



    LOC: XXXXXXX @ 00:30 EST



    CALVIN: What's he doing here?

    NI: Mr. Smith is - was - a trusted colleague of mine.

    CALVIN: He tried to **** one of my operatives.

    SMITH: All due respect, director, if you're talking about the situation with Hank Johnson, that was pure theater.

    CALVIN: You usually use live rounds in theater?

    SMITH: When my people fire their weapons with an intent to hit something, they do not miss. Johnson was never actually in our crosshairs. Nevertheless, we know he sustained injuries when he drove off that bridge trying to evade us. That was regrettable.

    CALVIN: Regrettable?

    NI: Gentleman, you're fighting about ancient history, but we're here to talk about a clear and present danger: Eos Protocol.

    CALVIN: Don't even get me started on that. I should have known better than to go into business again with Hulong. I thought maybe that boat could be turned around under your leadership, but I guess I thought wrong.

    NI: Lest we venture into revisionist history, Epiphany Night was your ****-up, not mine. But I still had to be the one to fall on my sword. You of all people should know that where the finger gets pointed is not always where the fault actually lies.

    CALVIN: Fair enough. Then how did this happen?

    SMITH: Catherine Fan.

    CALVIN: Fan was behind this whole mess and now Hulong is putting her in charge?

    NI: That's why it's so important we work together to get to the bottom of this. Thanks to my untimely termination. I no longer have access at Hulong. But Mr. Smith still does.

    CALVIN: What do we think she was up to?

    SMITH: Something to do with new Ingress users. Agents who recently installed the Scanner. The thinking is that Sensitives in that state are ... malleable. One of the most important decisions you make in this fight is choosing Resistance or Enlightened. We think Fan used Eos to put her finger on the scales, to influence people's Faction choice without them ever realizing it.

    CALVIN: To what end?

    NI: That's what we're trying to find out. Can we count on the NIA's help in this?


    CALVIN: I suppose Smith is the lesser of two evils in this case. I'm in. But I've got my eye on you, Antoine.

    SMITH: Your little eyes in the sky. Your NIA drones and satellites. Good. I'll need Big Brother where I'm going. If Fan finds out I'm working against her interests, she will not hesitate to try to take me off the board. Now, I can hold my own ... but if things go south, I'll take backup from wherever I can get it. So, yeah, watch all you want. Just be ready to send in the cavalry if I get in a bind.




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    what can this mean, third faction ?

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    Something more deeper, to whom did Fan open the portal Network? We don't know what she could gain from it or why.

  • Well, a few someones didn't read the stamp and digitized the document..

  • We still won't be seeing a third faction.

    Do not forget that there are two types of each faction.

    Just look at the glyphs.

  • I'm still bugged by the apparent Undine attempt to break in during the Tesselation refactor. One wonders whether they might have been able to slip something through before the door closed....

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    1. OK, how does this affect rank and file agents who are settled in, trying to dodge the storm that Covid19 has put many in?

    2. How is rank and file influenced by head games being played way at levels even decently connected legends are not aware of?

    3. Tessellation left this individual agent disconnected and in need of a bone to deliberate over.

  • <meta> With respect to point 3, I have to say that I found the final Tessellation (on the web site) very helpful - I was too overwhelmed with other obligations to follow it, and going through all of the Tessera one by one brought me up to speed on current events. But I do have to say that it's a shame that the whole thing wasn't more overtly accessible to a wider part of the community - in the end, a lot of outstanding work went into creating that arc, and it deserves a larger audience. The revelations of the Exogenous attacks on Nemesis node were an especially strong twist, bringing to mind the "civilization self-destruct sequence" thread in 1218, which I've always thought was a very powerful story line. Really well done. And I'm glad that they took a more serious turn once more, and mostly ditched the Dunraven camp, which was not a good fit IMHO to Ingress. If the kinds of challenges from the Tessellation could be hooked to the more "practical" game play in the way that global shards were, I think the whole thing could have been epic. As it is, circumstances would have gotten in the way regardless, but perhaps in the future we'll see some of these ideas being brought forward in that kind of mode. Personally, I think the Tessellation showed that Niantic is still able to do great things with Ingress...the challenge is, as you say, to make the tie-in with the world of the "everyday agent" stronger, so that more folks can get pulled in. Or so I see it, YMMV, etc. </meta>

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