AM02-ECHO-06 ENL 🐸

CWitchCWitch ✭✭

Hi all, CWitch here, lvl 14 #ENL agent relocated to North Central Arizona looking for play buddies & the local chat server & poobah.

I started playing in '14, and it's taken me all over the country, but I was on about a eighteen-month hiatus until last week. Wow! I need a tutor to get me back in playing shape; I've forgotten all my runes (Translator was my first Ob), and **** does a "drone" do?

Need vouching? I've played: Oregon - Coos Bay to Ashland, CA - SoCal/Antelope Valley, NV - Metro Vegas & burbs, UT - St. George -> CO City, AZ.

HMU: CWitch on WhatsApp, Telegraph, Line & Hangouts.



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